How Blogging Can Be The Answer to Your Money Worries

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How Blogging Can Be The Answer to Your Money Worries

Are your finances looking a little unhealthy? Perhaps you’re a chronic overspender, or maybe you’re forever running out of money halfway through the month. Whatever the situation, having an additional source of income is always a good thing- and for many people, blogging could be the answer. Here are some of the reasons that blogging could be the answer to your money worries.

It’s inexpensive to get started

Unlike lots of businesses, blogging is relatively inexpensive to get started up. It’s free to open a blogger account and get writing, but you will need to spend some money on a domain and a website design. A domain usually costs a few dollars a year so is very affordable, and you can find professional looking premate templates on sites like Etsy to make your blog look nice. Both of these are important, because later down the line when sponsors and advertisers are looking to work with you, they will expect a domain name (not a or address) and they will also want a site which looks professional and well laid out. Another area it can be worth spending money is on materials to help you get ahead, SEO books, online seminars or podcasts can all teach you what you need to know about blog promotion.

You can do it in your free time

It can take a while for your blog to get established, you will need to work on creating lots of great content and improving your domain authority. Sponsors and advertisers have their pick when it comes to bloggers, and so basically you need to get yours to a stage where people are happy to pay to work with you. Most people are blogging for a year or more before they start getting contacted for paid work, but this is something you can do in your spare time. For the first couple of years, see your blog purely as a hobby and work on creating plenty of interesting content. Later on, the paid jobs will begin to increase, and if you’re lucky you might reach a stage where you can quit your day job.

It pays well

Blogging tends to pay well. Companies have a lot of respect for bloggers as they realise how influential they are, and so when the work comes in you can expect to be paid well. The only downside, and the same is true for anyone who’s self employed, is that the work can be patchy at times. There might be days or weeks where you’re not getting any interest, and so if you’ve taken the leap to full time blogger then it’s useful to have a backup source of income. Working as a freelance writer on a site like Upwork can help you to fill in the gaps. If you’re blogging around a full time job, it’s not an issue since anything you get is a bonus. It easily allows you to save, pay debts or generally live the kind of life that you want.