How Small Businesses Can Compete With Big Box Stores

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How Small Businesses Can Compete With Big Box Stores

Big box stores seem to be on every corner of every town. Still, many customers will go out of their way to purchase from smaller businesses. People are becoming more aware of the need for competition between businesses and the need for more diverse products. Small businesses can compete with big box stores due to their unique advantages, such as personal service and, often, higher quality products.

Spotlight Your Uniqueness

Big box stores are a dime a dozen. Your company is not. Let the community and those finding you online see your unique qualities and products. Rather than purchasing enormous quantities of products to sell at cheaper prices, a small business might focus more on offering fewer products that are of higher quality. This often makes it difficult for the small business to compete with big box prices.

Instead, focus on the value your small business has to offer. Ask customers if they’d prefer a cheap product that needs to be replaced every few months or a high-quality one that costs a little more but lasts for years.

That question will get them thinking and may cause them to realize that a smaller business is worth returning to.

Manage a Small Business Well

As a smaller company, there is an opportunity to maintain a very well-managed business. Unfortunately, if a small business grows quickly, it can be easy for management to spin out of control.

When personnel isn’t trained, inventory is unorganized, and time is unaccounted for, things like customer service may get put on the back burner.

Keep your small business in order with superior job management and superior customer service and loyal customers are sure to follow.

Support Your Customers

Big box stores may have customer service, but customers are more than just a number. A small business has the advantage of personalized customer service and should make a point of using that advantage.

Make it clear as you advertise and interact with customers that you appreciate them. Let them know they will receive attention from your business that they could not find elsewhere.

Optimize Your Website

Another way that small businesses can compete with big box stores is through their ability to have a unique and user-friendly website that shows their personality.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is used as a tool to get websites noticed by search engines. Online competition is crucial, as most customers now search for what they need before heading out the door or ordering.

Your website is your advertising billboard. A professional content writer that’s skilled in SEO is worth every penny to get your small business noticed and preferred over a big box store.

In every aspect, point to the value you can offer customers, not necessarily the price. Big box stores simply can’t compete with your uniqueness and effort.