How To Deal With Unexpected Expenses

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how to deal with unexpected expenses

Yuck, the feeling when an unexpected bill lands on your doormat can make your stomach sink. In fact, if you know that you haven’t got money to cover it can be terrifying. Luckily, there are some smart ways to deal with unexpected expenses, read on to find out what they are.


Utility bills can often be way more than we expect when they finally arrive at our door. This may be for one of two, and it’s important to work this out before you take action.

For example, if your bill is more expensive because the provider is working for an estimate instead of an actual reading, it may be possible to cut the cost. All you have to do is call them and log your reading and then ask for your bill to be reissued.

However, the other reason that your bill can be unexpectedly high is that you have used more of that utility that you though. Sometimes this can be due to a leak or problem with the systems, but often it’s because our bills don’t come regularly enough for us to notice an increase in usage as the season change.

Although, it is always worth calling and speaking to your utility provider directly to see if you can work out a more staggered payment plan. One that means finding the sum of money isn’t such an emergency.

Medical care

Medical care can cost a lot and for many conditions and issue its impossible to predict when we will need the service of a hospital or ER.

One way to preemptively deal with this to get the best medical coverage than you can afford. Although, it is worth noting that precisely what is covered from institution to institution differs widely, so it’s always best to check before you have a procedure.  

Of course, if you need emergency care but don’t have insurance, your only opinion is usually to borrow the money if you haven’t got it already. Something you may be able to do through the institution itself or with an independent provider. However, do remember that if someone else is culpable for your suffering, then you can speak to a personal injury lawyer who can tell you whether you have a valid case. A case that can result in compensation that will cover the expenses that you have had to lay out.

Educational costs

Lastly, educational costs are a common problem, whether it’s finding the money for a school uniform or trips for the kids, or collecting the funds for your own college or career development tuition.

In this sort of situation negotiating a monthly payment plan may be the best option, and so it is always worth asking the school or college in question whether they can accommodate this.

Also, please do not forget that there are often hardship funds, scholarships, and bursaries that are available and that you may be eligible for. Something that can help lift the educational, economic burden that you are faced with, whether you knew it was coming or not.