How To Expand Your Target Market

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How To Expand Your Target Market

Knowing how to expand your target market is crucial to a successful business. The more individuals you reach, the more revenue you’ll pull in. You’ll want to remain in the customer’s mind, and you have a few simple ways of doing so after you’ve determined how you want to grow your brand awareness. Through research comes an understanding of the customer and, with it, success!

Do Your Research

Before you jump into implementing various approaches to expand your target market, conduct some research. Each audience is different, and reaching them may require different techniques. A few defining characteristics of a target audience include:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Social class
  • Location

Keep these in mind as you begin developing your plan. Each category impacts individual purchasing power; some age groups are more likely to shop for a particular brand than others, while those living on a coast may have more use for a product than someone from the Midwest. Moreover, realize which categories have overlap so that you can reach your intended group effectively.

Additionally, you’ll want to plan when you want to meet the goals you’ve established. Do you want a larger demographic within one year, or would you prefer to grow gradually over five years? By making a plan and putting in the research, you provide yourself with a baseline to track your progress.

Use Promotional Tools

Another way of attracting new customers to your brand is through the strategic use of promotional products—be it coasters, cups, T-shirts, pens, etc.—as this introduces you to new customers and reminds them of your company. Look into various tips for using promotional products to discover ways of incorporating them into your marketing plan.

For example, if your company plans on attending a local career or small-business fair, consider stocking up on pens or another promotional item to give away, or if you’re a local pub or restaurant, give out custom coasters with your logo on them. These freebies keep you in the consumers’ minds and allow you to connect with them.

Utilize Social Media

Lastly, take advantage of social media—there’s a world of free marketing at your disposal that ensures you reach the masses. Using social media to market yourself increases public awareness of your brand, thereby increasing the traffic you receive.

A customer is more likely to give attention to a brand that they feel familiar with. If they get a chance to see and research your company on social media, a conversation can begin, and you can connect with your target group and learn their habits. In doing this, you learn new ways of telling your company’s story to ensure you reach a broader range of customers and boost your business.