How To Get Your Employees More Involved in the Workplace

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How To Get Your Employees More Involved in the Workplace

Employee involvement and engagement in the workplace improve your business in many ways. It motivates employees to perform better, creates a healthier workspace, and increases commitment and loyalty to the company. More involvement also boosts morale and leads to healthier and happier staff members. Here are three ways to get your employees more involved and enhance your business’ work culture and productivity.

Host Team Activities

Team activities allow your employees to produce meaningful work relationships, making for stronger teams and better company morale. Some popular team-building opportunities include the following:

  • Social hour get-togethers
  • Trivia nights
  • Group outings to local places
  • Escape rooms
  • Gaming and boardgames
  • Company fantasy leagues

In order for your team members to get involved, they need opportunities available to them. Hosting team activities and doing them regularly provides your employees with plenty of chances to participate more in the workplace.

Open Up Decision Making

Running a company involves making numerous decisions, from task execution to protocol. Opening up the floor to the rest of the team gives you more insight into certain decisions and encourages your staff to get involved. Plus, more ideas floating around increases your chances of finding a better solution.

One way to accomplish this is by requesting feedback from employees. You can also get employees involved in the behind-the-scenes of work training, which allows them to speak up while improving their learning experience. It also adheres to one of the seven core principles of OSHA compliance, benefitting your company in more ways than one.

Recognition Rewards and Appreciation

Rewards and recognition motivate people. They entice those recently recognized for their hard work to continue pushing themselves and motivate others to follow after.

Offering rewards of appreciation to those actively involved in the business—those constantly participating in activities and continuing to perform well—encourages other employees to do the same. Make regular participation and dedication to the company two requirements of employee-of-the-month recognitions. Treat those attending team builders with merch or snacks, or make a competition to see who is most involved every year and offer them a bonus. There are many ways to implement rewards for workplace involvement.

Implementing these three tips for getting your employees more involved in the workplace allows you to build better company culture and improve other aspects of your business’ success.