How To Improve Your Barcode Readability

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How To Improve Your Barcode Readability

The retail world relies heavily on barcodes. It’s a feature most people don’t typically pay attention to—until they don’t work. Then, it’s plain to see how important barcodes really are. Barcodes not only provide you with pertinent information about the products, but they also allow for the effective tracking of the products you sell. Read the information below for how to improve your barcode readability to ensure no problems or issues arise.

Pick the Right Material

The packaging materials of a product serve as the background for the barcode. As such, the type and appearance of those materials are important to its readability. You don’t want to print the barcode onto a background that makes it difficult to read or where it won’t print smoothly. It’s necessary to consider all material options and how reflections and lighting can directly affect readability. Finding the perfect material to create the perfect readability is a must.

Pay Attention To Color Combinations

Color is more important than most people even realize. The worst thing that you could do is print a barcode in a color that makes it difficult to read. While many just assume that the solution to this problem is to print the barcode in black, that is not always the case, considering that the background or material it appears on is not always white. If you don’t take this into consideration, you might end up printing the barcode in a color that scanners can’t readily read.

Placement Matters

Not only should you make sure that the barcode is easy to locate, but you also need it to be easy to detect. Don’t print the barcode on the cut or folded lines of the box—this would only cause problems for the barcode scanners. Make sure that you print it in a good location that is easy for anybody to read. When transporting products through distribution, an easily accessible barcode is vital.

These are just a few of the ways for you to improve your barcode readability for your products. Make sure, as well, that you have the proper barcode printing equipment. If you want to ensure that your distribution and production is a success, make sure you follow these tips. Being productive in preparation is key!