How To Increase Warehouse Efficiency

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How To Increase Warehouse Efficiency
Knowing ways to increase warehouse efficiency benefits workers, customer satisfaction, and the company’s profit margin with optimized storing methods.

There are always methods of optimizing your warehouse efficiency, whether it be new record-keeping techniques or simply rearranging materials that you already have. The ways on how to increase warehouse efficiency are numerous, and below are a few of those systems to aid in the furthering of your warehouse productivity.

Optimize Storage Space

Take a look around your warehouse space and see if that is the most efficient way to store your materials. There are times when rearranging what you already have will give you extra space to store more of your materials.

Alternatively, if you already organized your space in such a manner that rearrangement won’t offer more space, look into extending your pallet rack system. Adding more units vertically increases your storage capacity without having to invest in expanding your warehouse.

Inventory Review

You likely keep your warehouse fully stocked, and as such, dead inventory could be taking a lot of wasted space. Keeping records of everything you have will let you know what sells well and what is just taking up room. There could be items in your warehouse that have gone unnoticed and unused for months or years without anyone realizing it.

There are several different ways of tracking inventory, and each one of them can increase warehouse efficiency. Utilizing these methods will aid you in recording what comes in and goes out on a daily and yearly basis and will allow you to identify anything that has been taking up too much space for too long.

Incorporate New Technology

Barcode scanners have been a useful tool in the past to quickly identify products in the warehouse, but with recent advancements, mobile devices can do that same job quicker. Investing in mobile technology will greatly increase the productivity of workers and help with receiving, storing, and dispatching materials from your facility.

You can install software on these new mobile devices, whether they be smartphones or tablets, that facilitate more efficient work routines. With giving workers the most optimal path for picking items from the warehouse floor to doubling as RFID guns, mobile technology is now an affordable asset that you can reliably use.

However you choose to upgrade your warehouse, there are new and affordable methods to increase efficiency. Whether that takes the form of reviewing and recording inventory or better and faster ways of scanning and locating your product.