How To Make The Best Decision On Your Kitchen Countertop Material

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How to Make the Best Decision on Your Kitchen Countertop Material

The material you choose for your kitchen countertop communicates a lot about your kitchen and your home at large. It’s a choice you need to get right, considering you are going to see and use this material every day. You could choose amongst natural stone, concrete or wood. Despite your decision, choose an ideal material, one that will serve all your needs and still last long.

There are a few factors you have to consider when deciding which material is right for your countertop. These factors are different for each person, although some affect all of us. These universal factors that all have to consider are the most important. The right countertop material should be affordable, fit into your lifestyle, and make your kitchen beautiful.  All you need is to make a choice that will satisfy your needs.

Consider Your Budget

Before you decide on your countertop material, assess your budget, have the right estimate of what you can spend. Using your budget estimate as a reference point, make a list of countertops. Choose from your list the one that will satisfy your preferences best.

Natural stone, granite, glass, and silestone countertops (which come from quartz) are far more expensive compared those made from wood, tiles, steel, or laminated ones. Although countertops made from natural stone are far more durable and probably look better. Your budget should guide your choice of a countertop.

Assess Your Environment

Different environments require separate materials. For example, a family with children will prefer a durable and stain-proof countertop. A professional cook will prefer a hard-working surface while an artiste would go for the glittering fancy-looking material.

Aesthetic Preferences

All kitchen countertops provide you with a surface to work on, but there are other functions it offers apart from working purposes. The look they provide in your kitchen defines the mood-when choosing a material, ensure its a look you can stand. Choose a material that offers you the right tone in color.

Deciding on what will add more beauty to your kitchen could be a little involving. There are a few tips that could help you make this decision.

  • Consider yourself, look at your wardrobe answer the questions what color do you love, what is your style, and what is your preferred texture. Your answers to these questions can help you decide what type of countertop you will like.
  • If you do not have a particular material you want, consider the colors already present in the kitchen. Choose a countertop that coordinates with the walls, wallpaper, cabinets, and the other kitchen appliances. This way, you choose a sophisticated tone that accomplishes the colors already there.
  • If you are planning to sell the house soon, choose a softer tone in the countertop material. Complicated finishes with a lot of details might discourage your buyers.

Decide On The Material

There are many choices of materials you can choose from-just follow the guidelines provided, and you will likely make the right choice. The following are examples of countertop materials you can use.

Natural Stone Countertops

If you are looking in the market for a hard beautiful and durable countertop, then this would be the ideal material. There are many types of natural stones, such as quartzite, granite, and marble. You can choose one depending on your budget and preferences. Natural stones are ideal and offer quite an exquisite look for your kitchen. For more information, please visit this site.

The following are examples of natural stones with more information about them to help you make a choice.

  • Granite-Its glittering appearance, firmness, and durability makes it the ideal countertop material. It comes with a wide range of colors such as black, green, silver and blue. Granite is not affected by heat and is easy to maintain. Deciding on granite as your preferred countertop material is a decision you can never regret.
  • Quartzite– It is a hard, stain-proof natural stone. It’s a unique choice of material with a sense of beauty present for all to see. Quartz is easy to install, maintain and can be customed into any shape and size. It also comes in a wide range of colors. Quartz is the material you need to fulfill all your countertop wishes.
  • Marble– The checkered patterns marble provide, offers a beautiful look in the kitchen. It might not be easy to maintain as it stains and scratch easy- but it is also heat and waterproof. It’s a beautiful view and adds value to your home. Marble is expensive but satisfies your aesthetic preferences.

Laminate Countertops

These are plastic-covered synthetics with a smooth surface. It has many advantages such as; it’s easy to clean and maintain, offers you a wide range of options and colors, easy to install, and its price is pocket-friendly. You can purchase this countertop is you are working on a tight budget.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops offer an exotic view. These slabs are polished and textured to provide a smooth feeling. Concrete countertops are easy to decorate, can be tinted and is scratch and heat resistant. Although they are prone to cracking, this can be reduced using new proven treatments.

Wood Countertops

Looking for a warm look in your kitchen, then wooden countertops are what you need. It comes with a wide range of colors, easy to clean, and can last longer if properly maintained. It also gives your kitchen a country setting look and can be resealed in case of damages.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel countertops offer your kitchen with a contemporary look. They are durable and heat resistant and built to your specifications. It gives your kitchen a modern look, is easy to clean, and adds real estate value to your home.

Final Thoughts

The information above gives a clear picture of a wide range of choices you could make regarding what is the best countertop for your home. It gives you a clear guide before settling on what material is best for you. It should now be an easy process for anyone who did not know how to go about buying a countertop.