How to Make Your Microbrewery Stand Out

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How to Make Your Microbrewery Stand Out

With the number of microbreweries in the U.S. growing, the craft beer business is a great one to be in right now. However, because there are so many microbreweries and craft beers out there, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. Knowing how to make your microbrewery stand out is the key to ensuring your business will be a success.

Great Brews

As with any business, your success will boil down to your product’s quality. Craft beer drinkers are not the type to get distracted by gimmicks. They are looking for a beer they genuinely enjoy the taste of. Start with the brewing process itself by making sure that your brewery equipment, process, and ingredients are up to the task. Also, decide whether you want to add unique flavors to the beer once it’s brewed. Once you have new flavors, test if they’re any good. Allow people to sample your beer and get their honest opinion. Pay attention to any trends in craft beer including methods of brewing and popular flavors.

Great Service

Microbreweries rely on their personality to draw their customers. Most people don’t simply come to a tap house to eat and leave. They linger and enjoy the atmosphere. They come for the experience of being in your venue. Your microbrewery shouldn’t only have good service; it also needs to have great service to bring people in and make them come back.

Great Marketing

Another way to let customers know about your brand’s personality before they walk into your microbrewery is through the way it’s marketed. Eye-catching labels are often your customer’s first impression of your beer. Depending on the character you are giving your brand, you may consider metallic effects, bold lettering, textured labels, or uniquely cut labels to make your bottle stand out among the others on the shelf. Social media should also avoid the obvious. Try sharing parts of your company’s story, interesting facts, or even use it as an opportunity for customers to get to know your staff.

Great Community Presence

Your customers are not coming from a vacuum and your brewery is not an island. A local brewery is part of the community. One way of really integrating into the community is by supporting local businesses, vendors, and artists. Feature local musicians or local art in your tap house or on your label. You can also host events or support local causes. If there is a local festival, try to participate. Make your neighbors feel your presence—that will help your business’s staying power.

The best way to make your microbrewery to stand out is quality and personality. If you have these two things at every stage of your brewery’s operations, you won’t just win sales. You’ll win your customers’ hearts.