How to market your healthcare business in unique ways

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How to market your healthcare business in unique ways

Growing a healthcare business can be difficult. Once people find a healthcare provider they like, converting them can feel nearly impossible. Try this guide on how to market your healthcare business.

Brand your business

Your business needs a consistent brand. Decide on the tone your company will use and stick with it. If your website is serious and informational, all your communications should match that, from social media to mailed appointment reminder to phone calls and patient communications. Keep your logo and business colors the same, too. If your logo is red, try to work red in to your brick and mortar. Red waiting chairs or red art on the walls could create an environment that’s cohesive with your brand.

Listen to your patients

Allow your patients to give you feedback. Read your reviews online and email out a survey every few visits to better gauge ways to improve. If patients have a bad experience, they’re less likely to return. Let them help you find the problem areas in your business and find ways to correct or minimize the issues. Don’t be afraid to reach out to clients with complaints and open a dialogue, they may be pleased to be listened to and it’s a benefit to see the business is looking to change for the better.

Optimize for search engines

If your business isn’t popping up when people in your service area use search engines to browse nearby services, you need a website makeover. Choose words you want to be on the first search results page for and work them into your website more.

Tip: Don’t force those keywords in where they don’t belong, search engines notice this and penalize your result rankings for it.

Start a blog, having more information and content on your site will make search engines, (and potential customers,) trust you more.

Use experiential marketing

People love grand gestures. Make one with your business by investing in a mobile healthcare clinic or pop-up shop to bring your services to events like workplaces and festivals. Expand your client base by going straight to them. Experiential marketing is memorable with consumers and can increase your customer base overnight.