How To Market Yourself As A Freelancer

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how to market yourself as a freelancer

The popularity of freelancing has skyrocketed in recent years. Once upon a time, people worked for the man and accepted their wage with glee at the end of the month. Now, more and more of us are deciding to be boss. After all, something is invigorating about being in charge and having the power to make decisions.

Although accessibility has increased, success is by no means guaranteed. If anything, it’s as hard now because the market is saturated. To stand out from the crowd, a freelancer has to be able to market themselves as the big honcho.

That’s why this post has to put together a short list of the best advertising tips.

Never Overcharge

Picture the scenario. A green client with too much money wants to negotiate a deal. To help, they tell you about the project and the budget they have at their disposal. Great, because now you can charge them 10x the amount and you know they’ll pay. Everyone is a winner, except for the client who gets ripped off in the process. But, hey, they are the breaks. Rather than thinking about short-term greed, contemplate long-term loyalty. By emailing them and telling their budget is too high and giving them a fair price, they will stay with you for life.

Use Every Inch Of Real Estate

Okay, there isn’t any corporate property to plaster with a logo because it’s too expensive. As a freelancer, you probably work from home to cut costs. Well, there is still one place that is perfect for advertising – the house. Forget about gaudy branding and things like that as it’s too corny. Instead, invest in custom window graphics and be subtle. As passers-by walk past houses, they tend to have a sneak peak in the window. Those who do will see business-related content that will (hopefully) spark their interest.

Work On Personal Projects

The temptation to accept every job offer which comes in your direction is huge. After all, clients pay well and you need the money and the work. However, it often gets in the way of personal projects. The stuff you do for the blog or website is as important as an outside job because it helps grow the brand. Plenty of freelancers get work because their digital presence is on point. Anyway, it’s easier to get paid for a passion than it is to find one that pays. Always find time for yourself.

Be Social

This one is obvious but it’s well worth going over. Gone are days when a handshake and a business card got results. They still do yet there are more accessible options on the table. For example, social media has changed the game for the better. Today, it’s not hard to make connections with a well-organized LinkedIn page. So, there is no excuse not to have one in the first place. In fact, it’s criminal because clients will use the web to check out your credentials. Use SEO to ensure you pop up above the competition.

See, marketing yourself isn’t as tricky as freelancers like to imagine.