How To Prioritize Your Work Day

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how to prioritize your work day

While you’re running your own business, you will be exceptionally busy between the hours of 9AM and 5PM. If you are running a one-person show and it’s just you working in your company, then you will need to do all the work that brings in your income during regular working hours. You won’t have much time for anything else!

Similarly, if you employ some staff, you will be very busy managing and supervising them during the day. Either way, you will find that you don’t have time to do some important business tasks during the day. But that shouldn’t matter, though, as there are somethings that can wait until once the clock strikes 5PM.

Make sure you don’t try and cram any of the following jobs into your working day, as you could end up rushing them and making some mistakes. Instead, leave them until after 5PM when you have plenty of time to go through them carefully without any distractions.


One of the main admin tasks that business owners struggle to find the time for is accounting and bookkeeping. Of course, if you are really struggling to fit this into your schedule, you could outsource it all to an accountant, like But if you can’t afford any outsourced help, you should have enough time to review your books and file your taxes in your evenings.

Look Through CVs

Recruitment takes up a lot of time in business, as it takes a lot to review CVs, create a shortlist of candidates, and then carry out a couple of rounds of interviews. To make sure that your recruitment process doesn’t eat up too much of your company’s time, you might want to wait until 5PM to review all the CVs you receive. You could even look over them on your commute home or while you are sitting in front of the TV.

IT Support

Unless a particular IT problem is preventing you or your employees from getting any work done, you shouldn’t fill up your days trying to come up with solutions. Most IT and tech support work can be carried out after hours. In fact, many IT companies, including, now offer full after-hours support. So, you can wait until your staff have gone home until you get to work on their machines. And you won’t be on your own as there will be tech experts you can call up for help and advice.


It’s incredibly important that all companies have a company blog for SEO reasons. Finding it difficult to squeeze in writing articles to your schedule? If you can’t employ a dedicated content writer right now, you can put these off till 5PM. They don’t have to be too in depth, so won’t take up too much of your evening.

As you can see, you don’t have to squeeze all of your to-do list into your nine-to-five day. Just remember that you need to save some time in the evenings for relaxing!