How to Promote Your Business at a Local Event

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How to Promote Your Business at a Local Event

Promoting your small business at local events is a great way to gain new customers. Getting brand and business recognition is the first major step to a skyrocketing margin. Putting a face to a business is also helpful. People love to support local businesses, and getting to know the people in your community gives a more personal touch to the relationship. Make sure your promotional methods stand out in order to make a lasting impression on your customers and potential customers. Here’s a guide on how to promote your business at a local event.

Customize some space

If the community event you plan to attend is on the larger side, make sure you and your business have a designated area within the event space. This makes it easy for potential customers to spot you, identify what you do, and find you again throughout the event. Make your space stand out, whether you rent a booth or simply deck out a corner. Decorate with your logo, company colors, and information about you and your business. Your décor should be straightforward, attractive, and easy to understand.You can alsomake your display stand out with unique elements such as a jarring shape, an intriguing background, or simply an inviting location.

Make an impression

Many people may see your custom space, acknowledge your business, or even interact with you, but chances are, the information will fly out of their minds as quickly as it entered. The trickiest part of networking is making a memorable, lasting impression. Don’t give away traditional business cards—people will swiftly discard and forget about them. Instead, try doing something that will stand out, such as laser cutting or engraving your business information on a unique medium such as wood or a sturdy fabric.

You should also try to make a personal connection with as many people as possible. Ask about their lines of work and their families. People love to talk about their lives, and you’ll be much more memorable as a good listener than as someone simply promoting their business. Don’t be afraid to be yourself—people will much sooner invest in good people than they will in just any business.

Keep in touch

Simply giving out your contact information puts all the responsibility of a follow-up on your new connection. By exchanging numbers or e-mail addresses, you’ll have the opportunity to take the initiative in the relationship and put in the effort to maintain and grow the new connection. Another method to continuously build the relationship is to invite your potential customers to drop in and check out your office space at a future date in an open house-type setting.Furthermore, make sure tokeep up on with your customers on social media. Follow people back, like their posts, and be interactive by posting often and by responding to questions and DM inquiries in a timely fashion.