How To Protect Your Fleet of Company Cars

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How To Protect Your Fleet of Company Cars

Purchasing a fleet of company cars can be a great investment to cater to your employees’ work needs, transport goods, and mobilize services. However, owning a fleet of company cars can also be a costly endeavor and a liability for your business.   

You’ll want your fleet to look impressive on the road, stay in the best cosmetic and mechanical shape possible, and safely transport employees and goods or services. Here’s how to protect your fleet of company cars to do so.   

Body Kits  

Cosmetic damage can make your fleet look unprofessional, can take weeks in the shop to fix, and can eventually cause functional damage if not fixed in time. Body kits add physical protection to the outside of your vehicles, which can prevent damage to the body of your fleet.    

Waxing coats can also provide cosmetic protection to decrease scratches and uphold the integrity of your car’s exterior. Waxing can even increase the integrity of your rims by protecting against harmful deterioration.   

Add Tech  

New technology comes out every year that helps protect cars and their drivers. Investing in a fleet of cars that come with collision detection, brake assist, backup cameras, and other necessary sensors can make a big difference.   

These additions will aid your employees in safe driving habits as well as decrease the chance of an unexpected collision, which can put your employee and vehicle out of commission.   

Driver Screenings and Training  

Once you have acquired a fleet of vehicles, don’t put just any employee behind the wheel. To ensure your fleet of company cars stays protected, employees should go through extensive driver background screenings and training before getting the keys to one of the company vehicles.  

Get Them Insured  

Fleet insurance policies are available to insure your entire fleet under a single policy. Group policies often come at a cheaper cost, but make sure you aren’t skimping out on coverage. The more vehicles you have, the greater the risk you will need to use your policy as well.   

Schedule Routine Maintenance  

The best and most common answer to how to protect your fleet of company cars is to schedule routine maintenance. Routine maintenance keeps your entire fleet up to date on necessary upkeep, decreases unexpected downtime, increases your vehicles’ longevity, and helps predict when more the cars will need extensive maintenance.