Improving Your Business’s Curb Appeal

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Curb appeal is the attractiveness of a business or home’s exterior when viewed from the street. While typically utilized by home buyers and realtors, it’s also used for small businesses. Restaurants, services, and other small businesses and storefronts rely on curb appeal to attract more foot traffic and increase sales. To increase your revenue in these industries, heed these best steps to improving your business’s curb appeal. Otherwise, you risk lowering your sales and profit margins.

Sweep and Clean

A simple sweep with a broom will improve your curb appeal more than expected. While it doesn’t sound like it would do much, keeping your exterior clean shows passerby you care about your business. Keep garbage bins routinely emptied to avoid an overflow of garbage. Depending on your business’s size, you can hire an outside party to handle your exterior’s cleanliness, or you can do it yourself.

Add Some Greenery

Plants are a cost-effective addition that will exemplify your business over your competition. If your storefront or office looks plain or dull, greenery and color will help your building stand out. Fake plants are easier to maintain since you don’t have to water them, but go for real ones if you want more exuberance.

Have a Street Sign

All businesses, no matter how big or small, should have an outdoor sign to illustrate your name and logo. Visible signage allows passerby to see your brand. Outdoor signs are fully customizable with different shapes, sizes, fonts, and colors. In fact, colors play an important role in psychology and marketing. It’s called color psychology, and strategic color use can evoke different emotions and behaviors among customers.

Replace Furniture and Doors

Doors, chairs, and tables should be replaced and refurnished—especially if they’re visible from the street. Restaurants with outdoor seating should ensure their furniture is fixed and in good condition. Unkept furniture can make customers doubt your business’s integrity. Still, replacing furniture or your front door can be too costly for many small businesses. Therefore, even a new coat of wood finish or touching up light scratches is enough.

Repaint and Resurface

On top of touching up your furniture, repainting siding and doors will also increase your curb appeal. You can even repaint your interior if it’s within outside view. A fresh coat of paint will make your exterior look fresh and inviting. It even adds a new level of protection against outer elements. Use this opportunity to express your business’s style and flair with different colors and designs. However, don’t forget to paint where it matters too, like new lines on the parking lot. A fresh seal-coat will also prevent cracks and potholes. Curb appeal is about more than just looks—it’s also about conveying to the world that your business holds itself to the highest standard.