Interior Design Choices To Improve Productivity

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Interior Design Choices To Improve Productivity

Interior design can significantly affect the work output of employees—for better and for worse. Knowing what interior design choices can improve productivity in the office can facilitate better teamwork throughout departments, raise the quality of work, and increase employee satisfaction. Consider what your office space may be missing and decide which design choices can best benefit your existing office or future designs.

Natural Light

Exposure to sun rays boosts alertness in the body by increasing the production of serotonin and reducing melatonin in the bloodstream. This natural energy booster is often neglected due to office designs favoring artificial light rather than natural. Rethinking layout to expose employees to more sunlight can be beneficial in the long-term, bringing about increased energy and motivation levels.

Artificial Alternatives

If natural light cannot be achieved in the office, modern alternatives exist to fill the void. LED light bulbs produce light similar to that of sun rays, in that they better regulate hormones in the body to fight off sleepiness and encourage attentiveness.

Acoustic Mesh

Sound can often be a distraction but can be difficult to eliminate. With the installation of metal fabrics as acoustic mesh panels, sound can be better controlled and absorbed. Mesh panels can be installed in areas where there are many sources of noise interference and can reduce sound levels to acceptable standards.


Depending on the time of year and your area’s usual climate, you may have to adjust your office’s internal temperature continuously. In the height of summer, if the office is not cooled to a reasonable degree, then employees will be physically uncomfortable, leading to mental exhaustion. The same is true in the winter with extreme cold, but they will be overwhelmed by chills.

Maintain Comfortable Environments

Have a reliable climate control system that you can easily adjust depending on the day’s temperature. Keeping everyone comfortable will help them remain focused on their work instead of suffering in the extreme hot or cold.

Consider the Needs of Employees

There are many interior design choices to improve productivity, and while some may require minor additions, others can be prohibitively expensive. Consider what your office may be lacking and ask employees what they believe is missing in terms of helping them with their work. They may alert you to issues with design or management that have gone unaddressed.