It Pays To Be Boss (Sometimes)

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There are other words beginning with B other than bossy that might have been more fitting, but not necessarily censor-friendly, so we’ll go with bossy for now. It pays to be cold, blunt, and firm sometimes in life to get what you want, where you need to go (within reason of course) and to prevent others from walking all over you. In some situations, you may even get paid for it, quite literally. But we’ll discuss that further down.

If you’re weighing up your situation and whether it’s time to be a bit bossy or any of the other B words for that matter, the areas below decipher thinking points that may be worthy of your reading. This will help you fathom whether it’s an occasion to wash over you or, OR if it’s time to be thick-skinned, put on your poker face and gather your ammunition (metaphorical ammo that is).  

Select Your Battles Wisely

A crucial part of the battle picking process involves judgement and analysis of the situation at hand. Here are the questions that will sway and help you to select which battles are worth your time and energy.

  • What do you have to gain from winning this battle?
  • Will there be repercussions?
  • And most importantly are you likely to win?

You have the answers that can decide whether the situation is something you’ll forget by tomorrow and whether you’re too busy to entertain a dispute. On the other hand, perhaps an event has impacted you so much that you couldn’t possibly resist persisting in attempting to resolve the matter.

Catch More Flies With Honey?

If the event is something you can’t quite let go of, it’s time to consider whether there is a possibility to settle the dispute amicably without the need for further intervention.

For instance, some occasions may suit a friendlier approach to a resolution. This may include situations such as disputes with neighbours, like someone’s bush growing over into your garden, or music being played unreasonably loud at night time. You have to see these people every day for the duration of your time living near each other. Due to this, it’s better to try to resolve the issue calmly, rather than suffering an awkward atmosphere each time you see each other around the neighbourhood.

When Honey Won’t Do

Perhaps you’ve already attempted to solve an issue calmly and rationally, but the opponent, business, or whoever, has laid little importance on the situation you’ve endured. For instance, in the event, you’ve experienced a slip as a result of a company consistently leaving hazards around the workplace, and they’ve flat out refused your fair proposal to pay for your extended sick leave, then it’s time for you to escalate the situation to your lawyers. Cases that have damaging effects on your life, that were not caused by you, are most likely always necessary for you to summon the strength to battle through and receive the payout you deserve. This is the time you need to be a bit of a B.

As discussed throughout this article, it helps to analyse the situation at hand before feeling you need to step up to the plate. Following this,  strategise the best solution to the problem, and whether becoming a bit bossy, firm and direct is necessary to level the playing field.