It’s the Day of Facebook’s IPO. Here’s the Scuttlebutt …

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Whether you plan on investing in the Facebook IPO or not, you must admit it’s pretty interesting to talk and learn about. Especially from a Gen Y perspective, it’s always fun for us here at Financial Bin to watch a member of our generation succeed on such a grand level. With that said, we searched the web for the most interesting stories surrounding the IPO. Here’s some of the best —

Financial Times (Tech Hub): Early Facebook backers add to share sale

Reuters: Several brokerages stop taking Facebook IPO orders

CNN Money: Facebook to set final IPO price Thursday

LA Times: Facebook IPO fuels Bay Area spending boom

WSJ: GM Says Facebook Ads Don’t Pay Off

Seattle Times: Microsoft poised to reap rewards from Facebook IPO Facebook Inc.’s S-1 Registration Statement

Forbes: Warning: Stay Away From The Facebook IPO

Mashable: Facebook Users: 13 Ways the IPO Could Affect You

Mashable: The Facebook IPO Timeline

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