Jeeva Ramaswamy Talks Facebook IPO & Explains How To Invest Like Warren Buffett on Financial Bin Radio

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On May 15, 2012, Jeeva Ramaswamy joined David Domzalski on Financial Bin Radio to discuss  how to invest like Warren Buffett. Ramaswamy is the author of CREATING A PORTFOLIO LIKE WARREN BUFFETT, a book that breaks down the rules of stock trading that made Buffett a multibillionaire so that his winning ways can be applied to building one’s own wealth. Highlighting actual trades that Buffett successfully executed, as well as Ramaswamy’s own experiences using the principles established by Buffett, the book clearly explains everything you need to know to creating a winning portfolio.

Ramaswamy is a managing partner of GJ Investment Funds (, an investment fund modeled after the original 1950’s Buffett partnership. Since its inception in November 2008, GJ Investment Funds delivered compounded annual return of more than 72 percent (net to investors). He has been favorably profiled in International Alternative Investment Review and Hedge Fund Exchange. Prior to GJ Investment Fund, he was CEO for Miracle Software Inc., an information technology and solutions company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Coimbatore Institute of Technology and is a member of the Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Association.

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We asked Jeeva —

1. Jeeva, can you tell walk us through your background briefly?

2. Why did you decide to write this book?

3. Can you give us a summarized version of what Warren looks for — in layman’s terms if possible?

4. What is your goal with this book?

5. What kind of feedback and press have you received?

6. We’ve got the Facebook IPO set for this Friday (May 18, 2012). How would Warren Buffett approach Facebook as a potential investment?

7. The Financial Bin focuses on personal finance and entrepreneurship for Gen Y. What would you say to members of Gen Y out there who — given the financial and economic environment — may be skeptical about investing in the stock market all together?

8. Where can listeners contact you and buy the book?

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