5 Reasons Why Living Near The Sea Is Good For Your Health

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living near the sea is good for your health

If you are looking to move, you have probably seen countless houses and condos throughout your region and your price range. However, have you considered properties near the sea? There are numerous benefits of living near the sea, with the stunning views like these https://www.homesalessandiego.com/san-diego-coastal/la-jolla/ being just one of them.

If you are looking for a quiet place which is out of the city proper, but still not too far from the urban area, beachside properties might just have everything you need, plus the added benefits which come with the proximity of the sea.

The Weather Is Always a Bit Better

Large bodies of water help regulate the climate in ways you may not expect. You have probably heard that winters are milder on the coasts that they are inland, whereas summers are not as scorching. The reason why is very simple – water takes a longer time to heat up than the land in the summer which results in more pleasant weather with plenty of gentle cooling breezes. In the winter, on the other hand, the water is slower to cool than the land, acting as a reservoir of warmth for the immediate coastline.

The Air Is Better for You

With constant breezes and air circulation, the air is never stale near the sea unlike in the big cities. However, that is not the only way how the sea air is better for you. The salty air is full of negative ions which enable you to absorb more oxygen and that fills you with energy and positivity.

It Promotes an Active Lifestyle

It is really hard to be lazy and inactive when you live near the beach. There are numerous things you can do and with the renewed vigor you get from the sea air, you will be more motivated to engage in these activities, whether it is swimming, surfing, or simply walking down the beach.

Southern California tends to be warm for the majority of the year, which can help you stay active even in the winter.

Sun Exposure Is Good for Your Skin and Hair

We all know how dangerous the sun can be. However, if you make sure that you protect yourself with sunscreen, the sun can actually be very good for your skin. Sunlight is essential to turn chemicals in your body into vitamin D, which is essential for your body’s immune system functioning. Even conditions like dermatitis can be significantly improved by the combination of salt water and the sun’s UV rays.

Both the sun and the salty water of the sea are good for your hair as well. Your hair’s natural oils may serve to protect it from the elements, but they also trap dirt and other particles which may dull your hair’s shine. However, the combination of the UV rays and the salty water can do wonders to free your hair from this prison. Your hair will be shinier and lighter the more you are exposed to the seaside.

You Can Get a Good Sleep

If you are looking to escape the noise of the city so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep, the beach is the place for you. Research has shown that complete silence doesn’t promote better sleep, but various subtle and repetitive sounds do. The sound of waves is unintrusive and has a calming effect on the majority of people. Furthermore, the temperature differences are less pronounced near the sea, as mentioned before. This helps you sleep because your body doesn’t have to adapt to the new environmental situation.

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