Marketing Strategies to Use for Your Country Club

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Marketing Strategies to Use for Your Country Club

Considering their exquisite restaurants, fancy ballrooms, and trimmed golf courses, country clubs have a reputation for high class, elegance, and luxury. These establishments are exclusive, so country club managers often struggle to gain new memberships. If you’re an owner or manager, it’s important that you know these marketing strategies to use for your country club in order to maximize sales and profits.

Highlight the Amenities

A club’s amenities are some of its most attractive features, so highlighting these amenities and services will attract new members. Most country clubs offer athletics such as golf, tennis, paddleball, and/or swimming. One way to increase awareness for these amenities is to host outings and tournaments. Hosting sports competitions will attract athletic members and maybe even some celebrity athletes. Other features to promote include restaurants, bars, and health clubs. The more activities you offer, the more types of members you’ll attract.

Increase Brand Awareness

Like any business focused on guest satisfaction, country clubs should use promotional objects to raise their brand awareness. Using custom imprint hospitality products such as cigar matches or guest towels creates a level of personalization unmatched elsewhere in marketing. This direct business-to-customer marketing maximizes brand exposure. Members will want to leave every club experience with a reminder that they’re members of that establishment. You can even do this for nonmembers, too. Branded promotional items leave a positive impression that your club is welcoming and attentive.

Enhance Your Digital Presence

In today’s technologically advanced world, succeeding as a business without an online presence is nearly impossible. Every country club should have a website that lists its amenities, history, and membership information. To further increase your online presence, use social media to promote future events and club information and to engage with customers. Use this online connection as an outlet for food and drink specials or future events. A strong digital media presence boosts your reachability and targets younger members.

Partner Up with Charitable Organizations

Partnering up with local and national charitable organizations is a great way to boost your club’s reputation. You can host a charity golf or tennis tournament if your club is more athletics-oriented. Another idea is to host a local prom or school dance to strengthen community involvement. This will increase name recognition and reputation, which will attract new members around the community.

Create a Direct Mail Campaign

This is a direct marketing strategy to target your key demographic and to inform your target audience why they should become members of your club. Form a market profile to highlight identifying characteristics of your members. This way, you can target nonmembers who fit this demographic. Plan a series of direct mail campaigns to promote big club events, special guests, sports tournaments, or club amenities. The best way is to do this is through postcards or newsletters.