Master The Art Of Hiring The Best Employees

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Master The Art Of Hiring The Best Employees

If your business is expanding, the chances are that you need to start hiring more personnel as your product range increases, you develop your services, or you start taking on more business. You need to ensure that those people entering your staff team are able to hit the ground running, share the ethos of your company and work as part of a cohesive unit. It’s difficult to get away with not upsetting the balance. Maintaining a cohesive team means keeping the high levels of productivity that your company enjoys, high levels of morale and ridiculous numbers of ideas bouncing around the office. Take a look at how you can master the art of hiring the best employees.

Don’t Be Seduced

It’s all too easy to take a look at the resumes that you have been sent by potential staff members, only to become enamored with the candidates that have Ivy League college degrees or those with decades of experience with well established and successful industry rivals. While this might make for a bright, knowledgeable and expert candidate, this individual may not fit into your team. You do not want to create an office full of solo working human beings. You need to forge a team. Instead, look for those individuals who write coherently in their personal statement to you. If they write about what they can offer you rather than what you can offer them, and they have genuine enthusiasm about working for a small startup, get them in and interview them. See how they get along with your staff team and try to generate some banter with them.

Why Smaller Is Better

You may worry that you won’t be able to attract the best candidates because you are a smaller business entity. Larger firms will be able to offer better salaries, more scope for promotion and greater perks. However, you need to show off why working for a smaller firm can be just as rewarding. Working in a small company means taking on more responsibility, having a real impact and being part of the growth of a startup. No staff member is merely a number and will be known to the boss by name. Demonstrate the family atmosphere that you cherish when you invite candidates to interview.


You may not want to carry out the recruitment process in house as you may have other more pressing aspects of your business vision to address. Instead, you could outsource the whole process to an external recruitment agency, who will have a wealth of talent at their disposal. They will work with you to find the candidates that you are looking for. All you need to do is find the best lawyer to draw up employees contracts, interview the candidates, and choose the best person for the job.

Being an entrepreneur is exciting, and seeing your business grow validates your decision to go it alone. As you expand, make sure you follow this guide and master the art of hiring the best employees for your business.