Methods for Improving Hotel Guest Satisfaction

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Methods for Improving Hotel Guest Satisfaction

Customer service is a crucial component of most, if not all, businesses. In hotels, it takes center stage. When people stay at your hotel, they should feel as comfortable as possible. They are likely already thinking about important business matters or seeking to escape daily stresses while on vacation. Therefore, you want to do your best to make their time there exceedingly pleasant. To that end, you can put into practice these methods for improving hotel guest satisfaction.

Provide Multiple Communication Methods

Traditionally, guests would use phones in their rooms to call hotel staff for room service. You could make this even easier for them by providing multiple communication methods that they can choose from. Some examples might include a texting system that they can access straight from their own smartphones or voice recognition devices that enable them to simply speak their requests out loud. With these, guests won’t need to locate the stationary phone and follow instructions on how to use it. Instead, their request-making will become simplified. You can also utilize texting to send them personalized messages that further improve their experience.

Offer Rewards To Returning Visitors

Plenty of stores and other businesses offer rewards programs for returning customers. You can apply this approach as a method for improving hotel guest satisfaction as well. Through rewards, you can create a stronger incentive for people to stay at your hotel time and time again. At the same time, you’ll make your guests happier with your hotel overall. But what should the rewards themselves look like? A popular one is to give people reduced-rate or free nights that they can redeem in the future. You could also give them access to amenities for free that they would normally need to pay for, such as food and drinks.

Attend To Guests Actively

Having staff attend to guests actively is a mark of excellent service for hotels. Due to this, you should find ways to emphasize this in yours. Go and above and beyond what people may expect to leave a positive lasting impression on your guests long after they check out. You could, for instance, invest in a mechanical valet parking system and couple it with trained staff to make your hotel stand out. This system will simultaneously allow you to store more vehicles in a smaller space by lifting them on mechanical platforms and increase vehicle security, since only your valets will have access to the parking area. Removing the need for guests to park their own cars will also make the guest experience feel more luxurious. Another illustration could be to include bellmen that carry visitors’ luggage to and from their rooms, making entry and exit more free of hassles.