Michael Rosenbaum Talks About Discount Tire’s Bruce Halle & Why Jobless Grads Must Read His Book

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On Tuesday, May 22, 2012, Michael Rosenbaum, founder of Quadrant Five and author of the new biography about Bruce Halle, SIX TIRES, NO PLAN: The Impossible Journey of the Most Inspirational Leader that (Almost) Nobody Knows, joined host David Domzalski on Financial Bin Radio.

About the book:

Currently worth more than $4.2 billion, Bruce Halle, the founder of the nation’s largest independent tire chain, was unemployed and nearly $20,000 in debt when he started with just six tires and no plan. But Halle transformed his first small store in Ann Arbor into Discount Tire, now with over 800 stores across the country—and it wasn’t magic that got him there.

Michael says that not only can Halle’s success be duplicated, but his story should actually serve as a basis for today’s young grads facing the cold reality of unemployment. Michael will explain Halle’s winning strategies to wealth and how anyone today can apply them too, such as:

1. Building a business around a service rather than a product.

2. Making sure customer service REALLY is the most important factor.

3. Doing one thing better than anyone else.

4. Building an employee-centric management style that promotes from within, “hitting the reset button” for employee mistakes, and paying success forward.

5. Expanding your business at a smart, patient pace.

These steps allowed Discount Tire to increase its revenue every single year since its inception in 1960, and are the reason that the chain has never once had layoffs. This is just the kind of straight forward wisdom young entrepreneurs need today.

Source: Nina Boutsikaris, Media Connect

We asked Michael —

1. Michael, tell us a little about yourself and your background?

2. What lead you to write Six Tires, No Plan about Bruce Halle’s journey?

3. Can you give the listeners a quick rundown of Halle’s story?

4. What are Halle’s success strategies?

5. It’s the month of May and a lot of college seniors are graduating or have graduated. Many do not have a job and no job prospects. How can learning about Bruce Halle and reading your book help them out?

6. What is your goal for this book, Michael?

7. What kind of feedback and press have you received on it?

8. Where can listeners learn more about you, Bruce Halle, and buy the book?