New Services Your Landscaping Company Can Offer

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New Services Your Landscaping Company Can Offer

If you run a landscaping company, you’re already well aware of how competitive the market can be, depending on where you live. Sure, you’ve tried to keep your prices low and bring in more clients with marketing campaigns. But one thing you might not have considered yet is offering new services.

Depending on what you come up with, you might be able to entice people in a way you never have before. If that sounds like something you’d like to try out, here are our ideas for new services your landscaping company can offer.

Landscape Design

A majority of landscaping companies operate under the sole purpose of bringing homeowners’ landscaping dreams to life. However, some clients know they want to redesign their yards but have no idea what they should change. This is where you would be able to come in with your professional advice and plan their future yards for them. You’ll need to be flexible with your suggestions in order to keep the customer happy, but if you have an eye for landscaping, you might as well get paid for lending your ideas.


If you’re really good at coming up with ideas for bettering someone’s yard, you might want to branch out into hardscaping as well. Hardscaping is any form of landscaping that doesn’t deal with plants. This may seem like an obvious direction in which to take your company, but shockingly few landscaping businesses actually pursue it.

A great example of how you could slowly implement hardscaping into your services is if you come across a broken manhole cover while working on a client’s yard. You can learn how to replace manhole covers and then do so for a nominal fee. Then, as you figure out how to do more of these things, you can offer hardscaping as a full-blown service.


Another new service your landscaping company can offer that many companies tend to avoid is lawn irrigation. We suspect businesses avoid this service because it means they won’t have to come out as often for general upkeep, reducing the number of times they can charge their customers. This is an understandable reason, but landscaping companies’ ultimate goal should be to improve their customers’ yards overall. You might take a slight hit in income right away, but your customers will appreciate your work more and be more likely to refer their friends to you. Plus, since you’ll be spending less time doing general upkeep, you’ll be able to take on these additional clients, which will earn you more money in the long run.

Winter Services

One of the most significant downsides to owning a landscaping company is cold, snowy winters. That’s why you should be offering services such a snow and ice removal. Since your current clients don’t like to maintain their own yards, they probably don’t enjoy dealing with snow, either. You already do good work for them, so they’ll be very likely to hire you to clear snow and ice for them as well.