Pam Whitlock, VP of Marketing for @MoneyTrail, on Financial Bin Radio (2/8/2012 Podcast)

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On Wednesday, February 8, 2012, Financial Bin Founder David Domzalski spoke with MoneyTrail’s Pam Whitlock.

As the MoneyTrail site explains:

Keeping up with the back and forth line of credit between teens and parents can be crazy and annoying. MoneyTrail keeps track of allowance, credit, cash, gift cards and checks and is easily accessible via the internet. MoneyTrail can handle the financial relationships that exist within every family!

Make sure to check them out at and on Twitter @MoneyTrail.

Questions for Pam:

1. Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your background?

2. For the listeners that may not know, can you explain what Money Trail is and how it came about?

3. How does Money Trail work? Why the focus on money management for teens and parents?

4. Can you explain what you do as VP of Marketing for Money Trail? How do you get the Money Trail name out there?

5. What are the plans for Money Trail this year?

6. What kind of press has Money Trail received? How has the market responded?

7. The Financial Bin focuses on personal finance and entrepreneurship for members of Generation Y. What are two or three financial tips you can pass on?

8. How can listeners get in contact with you and how can they use Money Trail?

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