3 Of The Most Lucrative Property Investment Ideas

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property investment ideas

If you’re going into property investment, then exciting times lie ahead for you. Whether you’re investing to make money, or investing to buy your first home, there’s so many new things you’re going to have to deal with. If it’s for buying the home, you’re going to be dealing with the stresses of the actual move.

If it is just for making money, then you’re going to have to deal with the stresses of finding the right property that you think will make enough money. Whatever area you’re going into, property is always going to be fun. So here are some of the best property investment ideas we think you should try.

Vacation Home

A vacation home is more of a personal investment that a money making one. Although the best thing about a vacation home is that you can chose to rent it out during the time you’re not there and see a fair bit of return from it. A double sided investment that’s going to work great for you!

With vacation homes, you’ve got a range of choice in terms of apartments and hotels. It just depends on which one you think will work for you. Apartments for sale seem to be a lot easier to come by when we’re talking about a vacation home, but there are plenty of houses and villas out there as well. The only thing is that you might see yourself spending a lot more money than if you just went for an apartment.

Plus, with a vacation home, there are just so many amazing destinations to buy in. Also, no matter what you know you’ve got a cheap vacation to look forward to all year!


Modern buildings are one of the best types of investments. They attract more people than an old build would due to the modern features they have. If you’re looking to invest in a property to make money, you’ve got more chance of making more money if you go for a modern building.

You can rent them out for more, and they seem to be a lot more sort after. They’re also in more built up and populated areas, this seems to be what people love more as well. A modern city apartment in somewhere like New York could see you making thousands per week. The price people are willing to pay depending on destination is crazy.


Property flipping has been around for so long now. It is easily one of the most exciting ways of going into property investment. But at the same time, it is so risky. You’ll buy a property that definitely needs some work doing to it. Spend what is most likely going to be a lot of money. Then resell it to try and make a profit.

If you don’t make a profit, then this is where it obviously gets risky. Often a lot of money is thrown into the house to potentially be wasted. You need to make sure you’re making smart decisions with this idea.