High-Skilled Trades: 5 Essentials For Protecting Your Business

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protecting your business

Every business needs a high level of security to protect it from risk and threat. As a company that specializes in a high-skill trade, you’re no exception. If anything, you need to be even more vigilant about protecting your business. With high-skill comes high risk.

What you and your workforce do is highly specialized. It has probably taken each of you many years of experience and training to reach this level of skill. Are you taking these precautions to protect everything you’ve built?

Cyber Security

Most tradespeople use the internet every day as part of their business. They exchange emails with customers and suppliers. Perhaps they even have their own webpage? As a business that works with skilled tradespeople, you undoubtedly have a central office with several connected computers. You each use mobile devices to stay in touch. And you also have a website that is integral to your business.

Protect your devices and tech by always updating the operating system and software you use. Make sure your website is secure from hackers by using reputable hosts and SSL certificates. Any device that leaves the office should be fully ensured, encrypted, and password protected from the lock screen. This all offers that extra layer of security that is essential for your business and your customer data.

Safety Wear

All workers that use machines and dangerous equipment must be wearing safety gear. From Tilman gloves to steel toe cap boots and hard hats – protect your employees at all times by checking they’re wearing high-quality safety wear. You might employ a check sheet or run spot checks from time to time. While in some cases it might not be your legal responsibility, it should be your moral obligation to make sure all your colleagues are fit and well.

Risk Assessments and Accident Management

Accidents do happen, but with full risk assessment and hazard awareness, they can be greatly reduced. Should something happen, it’s essential you have personnel on site at all times to manage the accident. First Aid and reporting should be primary functions for someone at your business.

Legal Issues

Every business will have legal issues to contend with. This might be something as simple as detailing the terms and conditions of your contracts. Or you might need litigation at some point if something has gone wrong. As an entrepreneur, you’re far too busy to personally take on every law and regulation that your company might be governed by. This is why you retain a lawyer that can help to ensure you are up to date and compliant at all times.

Building Security

Your premises should be fully secured against break-ins. After all, much of the equipment and facilities at your property has cost you a lot of money. Whether you’re insured or not, you would struggle to reinstate anything that was damaged or lost quickly enough. Use CCTV and sensor alarms. Make sure the building can be protected against severe weather too. Run monthly checks to ensure everything inside and outside of your premises is safe and secure.