Reasons to Design User-Friendly Product Packaging

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Reasons to Design User-Friendly Product Packaging

When a business prioritizes brand recognition, other important factors, such as accessibility and user-friendly packaging, are often overlooked. Regardless of how recognizable a brand is, customers value packaging that is easy to manipulate and considerate of their needs. In this blog, we’ll discuss what makes a brand accessible and detail the reasons to design user-friendly product packaging.

It Is Considerate to Customers With Visual Impairments

When redesigning or unveiling a new product, many businesses will choose bold, blocky fronts and eye-catching typography to help their products stand out on store shelves. These fonts may catch more second glances from passing customers, but customers with visual impairments may not be able to digest them.

Whether customers struggle with the strength of their sight, ability to focus, or conditions such as dyslexia, you must design products with clear and legible fonts. Using simpler fonts will improve your brand’s accessibility and show customers that your business cares about their concerns.

It Is Considerate to Customers With Physical Impairments

Product packaging should not take several different tools to open. When businesses use excessive wrapping, taping, and unnecessary product waste for packaging their products, they create barriers between their products and customers with physical impairments. Customers care about being able to easily use the products they’ve purchased.

If a customer purchases a brand only to realize the packaging is difficult to open, it leaves them frustrated and uninterested in building a relationship with your business. However, when companies thoughtfully design products with simple packaging, customers are more likely to be satisfied and repeat their purchases with a business.

It Is Considerate to Customers Who Want Returns

Another reason to design user-friendly product packaging is to create a satisfactory return process for customers. When customers aren’t satisfied with a product or feel misled by a product’s purpose due to labeling, make sure you tend to a customer’s concerns. While they may have already experienced a bad interaction with your business, user-friendly return packaging can help build back customer trust.

A simple way to make products easier to return is to add mailing and return instructions inside a product’s packaging. Always consider how a product’s packaging can create the most effortless return process for consumers to build trust and prevent unhappy customer experiences.

Accessible product packaging has so many benefits and is simple to implement. Businesses that focus on providing the best product interaction with customers of all backgrounds and abilities will, ultimately, form stronger loyalty and customer appreciation bonds. Brands focused on establishing memorability alone won’t communicate consideration and care to their customers.