Reasons To Work With a Microsoft Certified Partner

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Reasons To Work With a Microsoft Certified Partner

When you work with a Microsoft partner, your business is guaranteed to be working with the very best service providers in a given field of expertise. Every organization that is awarded the Microsoft Certified Partner status is an accredited independent company that provides services on behalf of Microsoft. These organizations are situated around the globe spanning many different fields of expertise and business specialties.

Areas of accreditation include application development, IT managed services, education services and learning, enterprise resource planning, cloud solutions, web hosting, and network virtualization. These are just some of the reasons to work with a Microsoft Certified Partner.

Why Work With a Microsoft Certified Partner?

  1. An established reputation. Every Microsoft Certified Partner has been in business for at least five years, meaning they have an established reputation as a reliable service provider over a period of time.
  2. Client Support. As a reward for providing exemplary service, Microsoft Certified Partners have access to 24-hour Microsoft support. Partners are enabled to provide improved support for clients and customers.
  3. Expert knowledge. Organizations are not only awarded Microsoft Certified Partner status for longevity in your field, but also for displaying expertise in that particular field. Partnering with a Microsoft Certified Partner is a guarantee of having access to significant expertise in a given field.

What is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status?

The highest form of accreditation is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner . To obtain this certification, companies must meet the highest standards in both customer support and Microsoft expertise. Partnering with a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is an assurance you will receive gold standard service in the areas of enterprise application development, software consulting, and web hosting.

We hope that this brief guide on reasons to work with a Microsoft Certified Partner has helped you navigate the next steps for your business. When choosing a partner status with which to work, ask questions and get to know your partner. You might find it’s a great advantage for your business.