Scrap Materials Businesses Can Sell for Money

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Scrap Materials Businesses Can Sell for Money

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to boost their earnings. Having alternative revenue streams is essential for small businesses, especially those at the beginning of their journey. Since you haven’t been on the market long enough to pull a profit, you’ll need to find other ways to bring in cash.

Did you know that businesses can sell scrap materials for money? It might not seem like a reliable source of income, but people can earn large sums for seemingly useless items. Before throwing your equipment parts away, see if you could turn them into a quick buck.

Old Pallets

Businesses in every industry receive wooden pallets. These logistical tools are essential for safe product transportation, storage, and display. Once the pallets are of no use, people have a tendency to toss them out or let them pile up in a corner.

Instead, you could sell your used pallets to pallet recycling companies or break them down into their basic parts. When a pallet goes through recycling, professionals transform lumber into mulch, planks, and other useful materials. You could even sell old pallets to construction companies to use as makeshift ramps and stairs.


Another scrap material businesses can sell for money is aluminum. Industrial, automotive, and manufacturing companies waste a lot of aluminum in broken equipment. Instead of hauling the material away in a dumpster, consider selling it for a massive profit.

We aren’t talking about getting change from recycling aluminum cans, either. Aluminum is valuable because of its versatility; you can find it in nearly any machine or product that contains metal, which unlocks massive amounts of earning potential.


If you deal with copper in your day-to-day operations, you’re missing out on a huge money-making opportunity. Copper is extremely valuable since it’s necessary for building electrical currents. You likely have access to copper scraps even if you don’t actively use the material in your business.

You can find copper in light systems, computer screens, cables, and many other pieces of office equipment. Those working in the power generation, construction, and automotive sectors are prime contenders for copper selling. Throwing away copper is like throwing away cash; sell it to supply companies and competitors instead.

You can also earn money by selling scraps like lead, steel, and brass. However, pallets, aluminum, and copper are the three materials that will give you the highest earning margin to boost your business.