Searching for Packaging as a Wholesaler

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As a wholesaler, you will want to find suitable packaging for your products. It is important to transport and display them correctly. You may look to find one reliable supplier, but then, that may not satisfy all of your packaging needs. So, you may look to source from several places, depending on your type of product. Impacked lists multiple packaging suppliers can help with sourcing lots of different packaging suppliers. It is rather like an insurance broker offering you lots of different quotations to choose between. The choice will ensure the packaging suits all of your needs and not just some of them.

With searching for packaging in mind, we should consider just what sort of packaging it is that we will be looking for to suit a variety of items.

Different Types of Packaging

Packaging might be chosen because it is strong enough to take the weight of a product or several products. Also, because it fits that product best. Materials might be chosen because they are waterproof from the outside or can effectively hold a liquid product inside without it leaking.

So, let us consider some packaging alternatives.

Paperboard Boxes – A lightweight material this is paper-based yet still strong.

Corrugated Boxes – The traditional cardboard box. Corrugated layers consist of 3 paper layers. The fluting gives the material rigidity and strength.

Rigid Boxes – Consist of paperboard that has been highly condensed and so is 4 times thicker than normal paperboard. They are used for housing iPhones, for example.

Plastic Boxes – These can be recycled and are much more durable compared to their paper or cardboard alternatives. They will better preserve items such as foodstuffs by preventing contamination.

Clipboard Packaging – Will come in various densities and be used by the medical, electronic, cosmetic, and food industries. The various strengths and densities that are possible increase the versatility of this material. Images can be printed onto the clipboard directly.

Foil Sealed Bags  – Will be used as packaging for tea and coffee. They keep things fresh and help them to retain their taste. They protect from bacteria and increase the shelf life of food products.

Poly Bags –  Plastic bags or pouches that are durable but still lightweight. They are also flexible and can be reused.

Packaging Considerations

So, thinking about the above, we can manage the packaging to our specific needs. We should take extra care when food is involved, making sure that we choose packaging that is going to keep the food free from contamination and keep it fresh for as long as possible. This will avoid wastage.

Rigid packages are ideal for protecting electrical items that do not take kindly to impacts of any kind and will generally be high in value. In other words, it is worth spending enough on the packaging to protect the value of the product inside and avoid unnecessary returns.

Buying Bulk

Ordering packaging in bulk will keep delivery costs down. This will mean matching your items to a packet, box, or container that will suit many of them. Your items might not be the same but will still perhaps fit in a box you have ordered in multiple. This will help with the distribution of that packaging to the wholesaler and count as a bulk order.

To conclude, look for a supplier that can provide you with the majority of your packaging in one go, or who can search for all your supplying needs to save you having to. It is then about the convenience of being able to cater to all your packaging needs at the same time. This saves employee hours, in respect of those whose job it is to order packaging. It is good to find a reliable supplier that learns the wholesaler’s needs through dealing with them regularly. They have the expertise of knowing what products fit perfectly with which types of packaging and what can be an issue. The main thing is to protect products from harm or damage. We have to think that not everyone would handle them as carefully as we would when making our decisions.