Why The Second Viewing Is The Key To Your New Home Search

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second viewing on a home

If you’re just about to embark on the journey to home ownership, the chances are that someone has already mentioned to you the importance of the second viewing. Yes, you may have fallen in love with that three-bed townhouse overlooking an idyllic countryside vista, or you may adore the top floor apartment with its great views, but you shouldn’t allow the endorphins released in your brain to encourage you to make an offer there and then.

It’s vital that you partake in a second viewing. Read on to find out how you can make a second viewing worthwhile.


The chances are that you will be conducting your second viewing a few days after your first. This is beneficial as you will have had some time to clarify your thoughts and ideas, and you may have chatted with pals about the swanky pad that you have your heart on. As you were telling them about the penthouse you’d seen with the massive open plan kitchen diner, they may politely remind you about your need for a garden. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to become blinded by the interior, finish and fittings of a property without considering what it is you really need.

Let Your Head Rule, Not Your Heart

On a second viewing, you should be taking a pencil, some paper, a torch and a tape measure to do some practical investigating. Look up and down taking into account any visible cracks, any suspected patches of damp and have a look at the roof. It’s vital that you consider these fundamental aspects of your purchase.

If the porch area and rear French doors don’t have any awning or coverings, will you need to factor in the cost of aluminium canopies? If there’s a slipped tile on the roof is this an easy fix or a symptom of something more serious? It doesn’t matter how new the kitchen is and how gadgeted up to the hilt the home is, it still needs to be a sound financial investment.

Take A Friend

Having an impartial pair of eyes that has your best interests at heart with you on a second viewing means they may spot things that you don’t and ask some sensible questions that you may not have thought of. It might be your pal that asks about the broadband coverage only to discover that the speeds are on a par with dial-up at best. As you go round the property together, take your time and draw up a list of pros and cons. Even the ideal property will have some cons on it; no home is perfect. You simply have to work out whether you can make the appropriate compromises.

Buying a home is stressful at the best of times. You need to factor in the property lawyer and the real estate agent not to mention your funding and mortgage lender. It pays to start the journey as you mean to go on, by selecting a property that you can see yourself living in and making a home out of for the foreseeable future. After all, this will be the biggest financial investment you ever make.