Simple Tips To Reduce Your Shipping Costs

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Simple Tips To Reduce Your Shipping Costs
Shipping is a costly aspect of running a small business. To reduce your business’s shipping costs, try implementing a few of these simple tips.

Any new business owner will quickly find that shipping is one of the costliest aspects of running a business. From dealing with overhead costs to carrier rates, it can be hard to manage your shipping budget. Use these simple tips to reduce your shipping costs and keep your business on track.

Association Discounts

If you’re part of a professional association within your industry, you may be eligible for discounts. Look into associations as well as carrier discounts, and you could save a great deal on your shipping costs.

Buy in Bulk

To ship your products, you need to purchase shipping materials. But there is a way to reduce the costs associated with packaging materials. Buying materials in bulk will likely provide you with a cheaper upfront cost. Dealing with one large order is more cost-effective and efficient for the supplier as well.

Use Multiple Carriers

While building a relationship with one carrier might sound like a good idea, it can cost your business more money. Carrier rates fluctuate according to volume. The more you ship, the less you’ll spend. You have the power to leverage this. If you’re receiving lower rates from one carrier after shipping large volumes, take that price to their competitor and ask if they’ll give you an even lower cost to win your business.

Invest in Prepaid Shipping

To cut costs from big carriers, consider investing in prepaid shipping labels. Buying a large number of labels upfront can significantly reduce the amount you spend on them every time you have a shipment to send out.

Use a Local Carrier

Sometimes, your best option is to use a local carrier. A local or regional carrier may have lower prices and offer more deals to a local small business.

Managing a business is challenging, especially with all the costs associated with it. Use these simple tips to reduce your shipping costs, so you have room in your budget to spend elsewhere.