Six of the Best High-Paying Trade Careers

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High-Paying Trade Careers

We see more people recognize the benefits of joining a trade career every year. Schooling for these jobs usually isn’t very long, allowing you to start making money in no time. With a variety of different careers that utilize different skills, there’s an option for everyone. We’ve created a list of high-paying trade careers with the information you need to get you brainstorming. As a point of reference, we’ve collected the median salaries listed from Glassdoor.

1. HVAC Technician

Required Schooling: High school diploma or GED

Median Salary: $51,841

Why Choose It: This career offers variety, as you’ll be traveling to a collection of new places and interacting with new people every day. You’ll complete hands-on work that requires the skill to both identify and solve problems. Demand for HVAC technicians has increased recently, meaning you’ll likely never be out of work.

2. Welder

Required Schooling: Vocational school certificate

Median Salary: $38,340

Why Choose It: Once you’ve completed the state requirements for becoming a welder, a litany of options becomes available to you. Various industries require the skills utilized by welders, meaning that you have the choice to select what works best for you. Welding is the ideal job for anyone who loves to see physical results form right in front of them.

3. Animator

Required Schooling: While many employers do prefer a bachelor’s degree, many will accept a certificate from a vocational school.

Median Salary: $74,089

Why Choose It: For creative-minded folks, a job in animation is a true example of doing what you love while making money at the same time. You can either work for an established company or enjoy the freedom of choice through freelancing. With streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime expanding their portfolio, more and more jobs are becoming available.

4. Elevator Engineer

Required Schooling: A high-school diploma or GED and the completion of an apprenticeship.

Median Salary: $70,561

Why Choose It: While stairs will never become obsolete, they aren’t exactly everyone’s favorite option in today’s world. Once you’re qualified, you’ll be able to do mechanical work on elevators, escalators, or even chairlifts. This job requires problem-solving skills as well as the ability to read a blueprint. For anyone who needs the freedom to create their own schedule, this may be the job for them.

5. Web Developer

Required Schooling: This is another career for which a bachelor’s degree may be preferred, but an appropriate certificate may also be acceptable.

Median Salary: $75,487

Why Choose It: This is a high-paying career for a reason. The World Wide Web is ever-changing, and it requires those who spearhead its evolution to be able to adapt as needed. There’s currently a huge potential for growth in the world of web development, and if you have the ability to keep with the trends, you’re sure to go far.

6. Plumber

Required Schooling: Vocational school certificate

Median Salary: $46,123

Why Choose It: If you’re someone who enjoys a job with no cap on your earning potential, this may be the occupation for you. You aren’t restricted to a set pay; instead, you’ll get what you put into it. You’ll likely be guaranteed steady work no matter where you live, and you’ll have an endless variety of hands-on work.