Sophistocrats Founders Chadd Mason & Andrew Oliver on How to Be a Better You on Financial Bin Radio with David Domzalski

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On Friday, February 17, 2012, Financial Bin‘s David Domzalski spoke with Sophistocrats Founders Chadd Mason and Andrew Oliver.

Per their Facebook page, is a virtual hub for everything sophisticated. Our founders evaluate the best establishments to bring you your city’s best.

The Sophistocrats’ mission is to bring the sophisticated lifestyle back to the forefront of trends.

Connect with The Sophistocrats:

Twitter: @Sophistocrats
Facebook: /Sophistocrats


Questions for Chadd & Andrew …

  1. Can you give the listeners a brief description of what you did prior to The Sophistocrats?
  2. What lead you to starting The Sophistocrats? Walk us through the process.
  3. Tell us about the company. How does it all work?
  4. What is your focus as founders of such a unique business? Can you give the listeners a brief account of a typical day?
  5. What is the sophisticated lifestyle to you? What does that look like?
  6. Can you tell us about the user feedback you received and how many members you currently have?
  7. Can you touch on what members of the media are saying about The Sophistocrats?
  8. What are your plans for 2012 and beyond? Do you plan to get into other cities?
  9. The Financial Bin focuses on personal finance and entrepreneurship for Gen Y. For those listening out there trying to start a business, what are 2 or 3 tips you can offer them about getting their brand name out there?
  10. How can listeners get in contact with you and The Sophistocrats?

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