3 Of The Most Important Strategies Everyone Should Know About SEO

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strategies everyone should know about seo

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a little bit of a tricky subject because people often either get it confused with something else or they miss the point of it completely. Immediately, you’re probably wondering why on earth you need to know about SEO.

Surely, you say to yourself, that’s only relevant for online marketers. But actually, it could be important for a wide range of people.

After all, the number of tech jobs continue to grow in the world and let’s not forget that we all have to thrive online these days. Whether you’re using social media to find a new job or to boost your own personal brand online, knowing about SEO could be beneficial.

It is after all the bread and butter of all online marketing campaigns. So, what do you need to know?

Anti SEO Is Very Real

Online marketers need to be aware that anti SEO attacks are real and quite dangerous. When you complete SEO, you are working hard to make sure that you, the name of your brand, a product, an article or website is seen by the highest number of people possible online.

Anti SEO does the same thing except it points users towards negative articles about a product. For instance, it could be a review of a product you are selling where ultimately the review recommends a competitor’s product instead. While not illegal, anti SEO techniques are frowned upon, and you should not engage in them yourself.

It’s All About The First Page

Unfortunately, it’s true to say that online users have short attention spans. They won’t spend that long searching for a site to view. Instead, they will click on and click off in seconds. The chances of them reaching the second page of the SERPs before settling on a company to buy from or a news site to view are slim.

As such, you do need to make sure that you are using a digital marketing company that can get you to page one. Anything else will result in a lower number of sales and may cause you to experience trouble with staying profitable.  

Ultimately, of course, this does depend on your reason for needing SEO. If you are using it to boost a personal brand, you may find that appearing a few pages after the first in the SERPs is a rather good achievement.

Content Is Your Top Tool

Lastly, it’s worth pointing out your best tool for SEO these days, and that is all but certainly content. Through content marketing, you can pinpoint a potential buyer and provide them with all the information to make sure that they want to use your product or buy a service. At this point, you could have them hook line and sinker.

Of course, the key isn’t just to get the first buyer but to deliver content that is so fantastic they share it with other people. By doing this you can gain the interest of multiple buyers in one quick, swoop.