The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

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The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

As a small business–owner, you may work long hours perfecting your products, keeping your books, and figuring out how to grow the business. You know marketing is necessary, but can’t see how to invest in marketing campaigns with your limited budget. Learn the benefits of social media marketing for small businesses here, and you may get more traffic for less money.

Social Media Enables Sharing and Increases Traffic

As a small business–owner, you know that a recommendation from one influential person in town can translate into increased sales. The same is true of traffic to your website: social media enables rapid sharing of positive experiences with your product. In turn, search engines will notice that people are sharing your URL, and your rankings can improve. Convince the right “influencer” of the quality of your product, and visits to your website could increase exponentially.

Sharing Constitutes Social Proof and Builds Your Brand

Social media enables new or lesser-known brands to build awareness through “social proof.” Many adult consumers search for products and brands online; a record of good reviews and testimonials drives traffic and increases awareness of your brand. Maintaining a strong social media presence enables those who are in the know about your brand to invite others to become “insiders,” too.

It Drives Down the Cost of Lead Generation

A stronger online presence can generate increased organic traffic to your website. Capturing a lead that has found your website organically is much more cost effective than trying to capture leads through traditional advertising.

Social media also enables highly targeted marketing to your niche. Clicks from target ads that appear to people who have already shown interest in products such as yours are worth the cost per click over ads that generate fewer clicks from a broader audience.

All kinds of small businesses can build brand awareness, expand their customer bases, and ease communication with their customers at a lower cost than that of traditional marketing methods. Whether you make craft alcohol or custom furniture, learn as much as you can about the benefits of social media marketing for small businesses, and you can increase sales in or below your current marketing budget.