The Best Ways to Avoid an Apartment Hunting Disaster

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Avoid an Apartment Hunting Disaster

When you first start looking at new apartments, it’s easy to get caught out by initial impressions, isn’t it?

Everything seems great when you go for a viewing – it’s a bit more expensive than you thought – but you hope it’ll be ok.  You could get to work easily, there’s a good local school nearby – and enough shops at hand for everything you need. 

But a couple of months in, you notice how noisy it is – and you wish you’d done a bit more research on the price.  Your colleague is paying a third less for a nearby apartment – and they’ve got none of the issues you have at your place.

So how can you avoid an apartment hunting disaster?

If you don’t want this to be you, there are some steps you can take to avoid your apartment hunt turning into a disaster.

First up, it’s crucial to get all the right information straight off  – before you get tied up in restrictive rental agreements. But you don’t have enough time, you say, because you work 9 to 5 and then more – we know.

Well, the great news is there are websites out there that can help you – to make the right choice and avoid any pitfalls. Companies collect relevant information and it’s all up there for you – comparative costs, renters satisfaction levels and more.

What information is available for apartment hunters?

These experts analyze pricing trends and provide online rent reports, so you can see straightaway if your quote is acceptable.  And when you’re apartment hunting, you can use rent reports like this from Milwaukee to better understand the market and make an informed choice.

You can filter website results to include amenities like parking, an updated kitchen and even smart technology or a pool.

And you can also take online tours of properties  – to help narrow your search down further and know what to expect. So you can feel reassured, before you go for a viewing, that the suggested price is reasonable and an apartment is right.

So, what happens next, when you’ve chosen an apartment? Well there are some key points to consider before you sign your lease.

Agree on the details:  and get them in writing.  If there’s a part of the contract you’d like to be changed, get that in writing too – don’t rely on verbal promises.

Account for utilities: Sometimes they’re included in the rent, and sometimes not. Make sure your lease specifies this and you’re happy with the arrangements.

Discuss any changes you might want to make, like decorating: Most leases prohibit changes to the interior of an apartment – but this can often be negotiated. .

Avoid deductions from your security deposit. Take a tour of the property before you sign up and take photos to record its current condition.

With the right research and these few simple steps, we think your apartment hunt can be made much more successful. You’ll avoid any pitfalls and potential disasters – and before you know it you’ll be happy in your new home.