The Essential Guide To A Productive Working Environment

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The Essential Guide To A Productive Working Environment

It’s all too easy to become complacent in our jobs. The same can be said of entrepreneurs. When you launched your startup, you were full of vigor and enthusiasm. While you still adore your business, you may have become complacent if the money is rolling in, things are ticking along, and you have no financial concerns. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still be ambitious and looking towards expansion. Your employees can also become complacent and lose their drive for high levels of productivity. As an employer, it is up to you to ensure your productivity levels don’t slide. Take a look at this essential guide to help maintain the productivity levels of your business.

Working Environment

A staff team will only ever be productive if they have the working environment that facilitates this. Drab gray walls, beige carpet tiles, and peeling paint are hardly inspiring. It’s time to whip out the white paint, adapt the lighting, recarpet and install some collaborative working pods instead of the usual desktop booths. For your staff team to be productive they need space to bounce ideas around, have meetings and be dynamic. Ensure that you have the latest software specific to your industry, and make sure that you encourage those water cooler moments. You want your staff to enjoy coming into the office every morning. A brighter, happier and refreshed workspace can help you achieve this and drive up productivity.


If you expect honesty and respect from your employees, you need to repay them in kind. Firstly, you need to be open and communicate. Listen to their views if targets aren’t being met, and heed their ideas if they think they have a strategy for boosting sales. At the same time, to be truly transparent, you can implement a policy of drug testing for all staff (including yourself) like USAMDT of Atlanta provide. Anything that your staff team has to endure, you should be willing to undergo the same. Have a staff charter that everyone signs up to detailing conduct, behavior, and ethos. If everyone is on a level playing field, the workplace is fairer and more just.


As the boss, it’s up to you to lead by example and communicate. Don’t be an aloof employer who never shows his or her face on the office floor. Get to know the people helping your business thrive. Take them on away days, send out emails every week name checking those people who have gone above and beyond, and always have an open door policy, should any staff member need to come and talk to you. A boss can make or break a staff member’s professional experience. If you are seen as a decent human being, and you have buy in from your staff, they are more likely to be productive and work hard for you.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t the easiest job in the world, and it is quite the transition from full time employee. However, your startup will thrive if you foster an environment of respect, hard work, and openness amongst your employees.