The Surprisingly Profitable Business Of Stress

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The Surprisingly Profitable Business Of Stress

You only need to sit in the hall of a train station to quietly observe commuters. Some are going to work; others are coming back from a night shift. Some are traveling with their children or friends; others are alone. But you can recognize the same tension in all the faces. The jaw is clenched. The eyes are lined. The skin complexion is a little tired. If you remember watching Lie to Me with Tim Roth, you’re probably aware of the power of universal microexpressions and how to read them on people, from joy to fear. Every microexpression is the same, regardless of where you come from, the TV show claims. There’s just one expression they’ve never studied, and this is the one you can read on the commuters’ faces: Stress. Stress is everywhere nowadays! It is difficult to escape, but more importantly, it is too often ignored. For the ambitious entrepreneur, this is maybe the idea you were waiting for all your life. Make tackling stress your business mission. 

Offering targeted relaxing solutions

Taking some time off might be the best way of relaxing, but, in today’s world, not many people have the luxury of prolonged vacations. They need real-time stress relief. You can provide simple solutions they can use in the office, such as cooling cannabidiol-infused sticks to rub on the forehead and wrists – for best quality, use a wholesale CBD seeds supplier – or even on-call back and foot massage. As a mobile professional, you can offer on-site services for your local companies. 

Bringing teams together

Team bonding has become a crucial part of business growth. Bringing the team together can, indeed, boost productivity. However, you need to create a stress-free work environment in which employees and clients know and understand each other to support the benefits of team building activities. Planning a corporate event, for instance, can be the best way of bringing your team, partners, and clients together. By removing people from a work-related environment, you can improve interpersonal relationships and reduce stress levels. 

Offer an escape from reality

Don’t we all want to press the pause button and escape the hectic pace of life? Escape room businesses are the first to offer condensed escapism from reality. For players, the immersive experience can help them to switch off for a little while. Of course, this isn’t to say that an escape room doesn’t bring a rush of adrenaline, but unlike everyday events, you can always ask for a clue and win the game. Additionally, players are keen to book scary rooms as many find the safe scare effect therapeutic. 

Help people to open up 

Sometimes, the most obvious answer is the right one when it comes to stress. Stress is, in essence, the way people choose to buckle up to respond to the challenging demands of life. Now, what if you were to offer a way to manage their response more effective through stress counseling? A stress counselor can help people to talk about the underlying issue and gain back control of their reactions. 

Everybody is stressed out, which makes stress a profitable and necessary business venture. As an entrepreneur, you can make eliminating stress your mission through product sales or dedicated services.