The Truth About 7K Metals

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Everyone today wants to live a financially secured life. This is because money is not easy to come by and even when you come by it, there are responsibilities that awaits it. For this reason, people try to manage what financial benefit that accrues to them and use it wisely.

One of the things that many people do is to invest their money’s or join any venture that they feel is profitable. However, there are ventures that are unique in its structure and in how they are used. The business models practiced seem promising therefore, people are willing to join. An example of such an organization is 7K Metals

What Is 7K Metals?

This is a company that uses the multi-level marketing model whereby, interested members of the society who wish to become members join them by paying a membership fee. They also deal in precious metals which are a reliable form of investment. You can read more on this here.  

It is important to note that ordinarily, many people invest in precious metals as it is a popular form of investment. However, 7K metals also gives you the opportunity to trade in these precious metals and make profits while doing so. There are also certain incentives given to members who do this, the idea is to increase their profitability.

What Is Multi-Level Marketing?

This is a business marketing strategy mostly employed by companies that are into direct sales of their products and services. Here, distributors (those who join the marketing team), earn commissions from their sales and are encouraged to bring in recruits to join the marketing team. There is an added incentive for these marketers to bring in new recruits into the business which is the fact that they would earn a percentage from the sales of the recruits. These recruits are known as downlines.

Multi-level marketing strategies have proven to be very effective and profitable for people while others have not either profited from it or do not trust the business model. It has to be pointed out that though many multi-level marketing schemes are legal, there are also those that are nothing but pyramid schemes and are illegal. You can read more on this at

What’s Unique About 7K Metals?

The primary aim of this organization is to help people live a more financially buoyant life and is open to every and anyone from any part of the world. Here, not only do you start investing in precious metals, you also start trading in them.

There are various categories that you are expected to choose from when buying from this organization. Some of these categories include:

  • The selected collection which are considered by them to be one of their major products as it is expected to increase in value, yielding bigger returns over time.
  • Again, they also sell jewelries of gold and silver at quite competitive rates with the normal markets, with their prices varying depending on the product being sold. 
  • There is also the dealer direct program which gives certain discounts on prices to members of this organization with even greater discounts being given when purchasing in bulk.
  • There is also the 7K gear which has nothing to do with precious metals but rather deals with the sale of wears and accessories like shirts, backpacks, clothes and so on.

There are two levels to becoming a member in this organization, they are:

  • The basic membership level and
  • The premium membership level

Each level of membership with its benefits also has its fees and these fees are nothing compared to the obvious benefits of membership. The fee for the basic membership level is $250 a year while the fee for the premium membership is $450 a year. Therefore, as can be seen, this organization is a well-structured and legal organization with legitimate ways of greatly benefiting you as an individual. This should put an end to the idea of a 7K metals scam, as there is no such thing.


It is only smart and to be expected that people will look for legitimate ways to better their lives at least, in financial terms. For this reason, people engage in various types of investments.

However, care should be taken to ensure that one is involved in a legitimate venture that would yield profits for the individual in future. Further care should be taken so as not to be misled about the true functions of certain business models and organizations that practice those models.