Things You Need to Consider When Purchasing a Used RV

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Do you dream of traveling with your home while exploring new places in different parts of the country, and looking for a cost-effective solution to reach this goal? Then, buying a pre-owned recreational vehicle or RV can be one of the best options for you.

However, to get a better deal under your price range, it is crucial to search the right dealer and adopt an appropriate approach after determining your needs. To make this investment without faults, know the right methods of buying a used RV from a private dealer or other sources. At the same moment, you need not be panic as the whole process becomes easy with a little knowledge and expert guidance.

Apart from the budget-friendly attribute, a used RV comprises those classic and rare features that a new one lacks. In most of the cases, their former owners fix vehicle’s parts that otherwise would have broken or spoiled in the first few years. This saves extra expenditures on its maintenance and care. Thus, for the purchasers throughout the world and ones who reside in Arizona, Tucson used RV can be a better alternative if looking for a recreational vehicle at competitive prices. Without spending extra, a person can also enjoy the added features such as a satellite TV, solar energy, musical system, etc. upgraded by the prior owner(s) in the automobile.

Consider your needs

As there are different types of RVs with various attractive features available in the market, you must opt one after considering your specific needs carefully. Starting from the budget there would be several other things that require to evaluate on your part such as- for which purposes you need the vehicle, how many persons would accommodate in it, what sort of places you want to travel, which specific model you desire, etc.

After getting suitable answers for these questions, you can narrow down the search fitting your criteria.

Complete the research work

Before choosing a dealer for buying a certain type of RV, complete your research work adequately. Know all the essential steps involved in the buying process such as:

1. Taking the insight and advice of RV owners.

2. Discussing your needs with local RV clubs.

3. Checking out the features of your desired brand.

4. Analyzing local private sellers.

5. Surfing websites advertise the sale of used RVs.

To have an experience of accommodation and traveling in RV, get one on rent and go for an adventure. Calculate market value by comparing the prices of different RVs on the market. Also, ask the seller for negotiation or reduction of the final prices.


Check-out your bank balance or count the funds you have preserved to buy the RV. If you need more finances, talk to a bank, credit union, or financial institute for an automobile loan. It is also better to calculate your monthly expenses to know whether you would be able to pay installments of the mortgage regularly. Evaluate the maintenance costs of repairing the automobile and how it will affect your home budget in the future.

For a suitable decision related to financing, take care of the following things:

1. Check out the ongoing rates of interest in the market, and the status of your credit scores.

2. Compare the loan options and rates with other lenders’ proposals.

3. Choose a lender who offers appropriate rates for RV mortgage.

While applying for the loan, a lender would need your personal information like your occupation, financial status, credit scores, other mortgages, and the type of RV you want to purchase. As much clarity would be there, so more the process of lending mortgage will be simple.

Read the history

Before deciding to buy your cherished RV, check out its history. One method of doing this; is checking the vehicle through FAX VIN. They give sufficient information about used vehicles with their history and owners. The detail contains information like:

1. Number of accidents

2. Past repairing data

3. Damages caused by natural calamities

4. Report of odometer readings

5. The primary source of purchases, etc.

Check the status of the RV

To know the efficiency level and driving condition of the RV, check all its parts and body thoroughly. If you find any difficulty, take the help of some professional vehicle expert who could do the inspection work for you. Download an inventory of things that need to be investigated mandatory in a vehicle. Some of them are:

1. Molds

Leakage of any liquid creates disastrous effects in a vehicle. Check if there is any sign of dampness and molds on the ceiling, caulks, floors, cupboards, window pockets, seat covers, and all those areas where mildew can grow.

2.Rust or corrosion

Rust when collected in machinery decreases the moving efficiency of a vehicle. Check the corrosion in the exterior parts like screws, bolts, surface paint, etc. If they are not in good condition, display scratches, or appear too old, leave the thought of purchasing it.

3.The capacity of bearing pressure and weight

An RV should be solid enough that it could bear high pressure without much difficulty. To check the solidness of its body put firm pressure on its walls, and inspect properly where the floors meet with the walls. There should not be any gap. You can also try some jumps on its different areas to test the floor’s stability or firmness. If it is not solid, it will create noises or show movements.


The efficiency and durability of an automobile greatly depend upon its age factor. To check the vehicle’s age go through its documentation in detail. Its history will also tell the year of manufacturing and time of launch in the market.

5.Go for a test drive

To know the performance level of RV, ask the seller for a test drive. While driving on the road, check things like:

The effects of various levels of speeds.

The response of appliances and machinery.

The reaction of the whole body while taking turns, applying brakes, etc.

In addition to these, check the heaviness of the structure also. If you are planning to take it to some forest, desert, or hilly areas, listen to the sound produced by its engine during driving. If it makes noise or gets hot, you must ask the reason for this from its owner. Keep in mind that you are taking a test drive of an empty automobile, after filling it with passengers and luggage, the experience will be different. The rattling and moving sounds are not a good indicator of a fit and sound RV. They can be a great threat to the lives of your family and friends at the time of a journey.

Whether you buy the automobile from a local dealer or outside the state, make sure you analyze all the relevant papers thoroughly. Acknowledging your needs, setting up finances, checking the performance of the RV, and accomplishing the research work within time can help you a lot to save money alongside avoiding mistakes while purchasing a used recreational vehicle under a specific budget.