Tips for an Eco-Friendly Restaurant

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Tips for an Eco-Friendly Restaurant

From homes to large businesses, everyone is doing their part in creating a healthier environment to live in. As a restaurant business owner, you have a tremendous responsibility to your community and the environment. Restaurants produce plenty of waste and use significant resources in order to run. Consider these tips for an eco-friendly restaurant to help you improve and sustain a business you can be proud of.

Use Little To No Disposable Tableware

Paper plates and plastic forks and knives get thrown away, which means more space being taken up in landfills. It is nearly impossible to completely avoid using paper and plastic in your restaurant but using real dishes that can be washed and reused cuts down on waste immensely. Implementing a strong system for managing your waste and recyclables is worth putting into place, so you know you are doing your best at disposing and recycling.

Clean with Environmentally-Friendly Products

Cleanliness and sanitation are top priority in your restaurant. When hiring cleaning services, look for one that cares about the environment and offers safer cleaning solutions. If you do your own cleaning, consider natural options which often contain ingredients that are not toxic. Vinegar, baking soda, and even lemon are possible natural solutions.

Not only are chemicals being poured down the drain when using common cleaners, but your customers could be breathing them in. Instead, when you make an effort to do the right thing, your customers will appreciate a clean restaurant and your efforts in using fewer chemicals.

Consider Local Menu Items

A lot of attention has recently turned toward dining and cooking with locally grown and raised food. Eating local supports small business and cuts down on trucks delivering all over the country to bring us food from other places. Local food means less toxic emissions. And a bonus—local often tastes better.

Being a restaurant owner is a lot of work and responsibility. Putting in the forethought when it comes to running your restaurant with the environment in mind will pay off down the road. Use these tips for an eco-friendly restaurant as a springboard to get you started on an environmentally conscious business.