Tips for Starting Your Own Bed and Breakfast

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Tips for Starting Your Own Bed and Breakfast

Once the COVID-19 pandemic ends and people can leave their house, many people are going to want to take a vacation. While this might not be to an international destination, many people may want to relive the coziness and comfort of the traditional Bed & Breakfast (B&B). That’s going to create much demand for this specific lodging that many homeowners can benefit from. For those wanting to get into this industry, read these tips for starting your own bed and breakfast.

Pick a Theme

First, no two bed and breakfasts are alike. This is because every B&B owner picks a theme to differentiate their business from the competition. Anyone can choose to stay at a hotel or cabin, but what makes B&Bs different is their uniqueness. That’s why it’s important to pick a set theme. For instance, B&Bs on the coast can offer nautical or ocean themes, B&Bs in the wilderness can offer a forest or wildlife theme, and urban B&Bs can offer a modern theme. No matter what you pick, you should decorate and accommodate based on this central theme to create the ideal B&B for your guests.

Find a Target Audience

Once you’ve picked a theme, find your ideal target audience. This can depend on age, location, price, or any other demographic you feel is important to your business. For example, you may want to cater to older guests who want to relax and revel in the surrounding area’s coziness. Otherwise, you may want to target younger high spenders who want to enjoy the local city’s nightlife. No matter what, this target audience is essential to your business. Remember, it matters who you decide to attract to your business. Keep this in mind when choosing a marketing strategy and business plan.

Renovate the Living Space

Another important consideration to make is to renovate the home. Your guests want to stay at a B&B that appeals to them. Given that B&Bs center on a home’s aesthetic and uniqueness, the rooms are incredibly important. You should prioritize a renovation to ensures your home is B&B ready. A complete luxury kitchen remodel, for example, will convert any current kitchen space into a renovated space that guests will love to spend time in. However, you’re not limited to just the kitchen. You can remodel the bedrooms, bathrooms, or even lounge area to add a fresh style and purpose to the home. Don’t forget that you want these remodels to replicate your theme. Upscale and luxury remodels will not only appeal to your guests, but they will also appeal to realtors when you decide to sell the property.

Be a Good Host

Lastly, something many B&B or other lodging hosts forget is that you’re in the hospitality business. That means you should always focus on treating guests well. The aesthetic appeal to a B&B is important, but a personable host matters just as much. A positive, accommodating host will treat guests respectfully, accommodate their needs to fit their stay, and provide certain amenities to ensure optimal comfort. In turn, they will see positive reviews and an increase in customer retention, as well as new guests and more business.