Top Conferences for Real Estate Agents

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Top Conferences for Real Estate Agents

There are many things real estate agents can do to improve their craft. One of the best is to attend conferences. There are numerous real estate conferences that can help you obtain knowledge, and they provide a great opportunity to network with some of the industry’s leaders. Plus, conferences are incredibly fun no matter the industry you are in, and many take place in some really cool locations. Here are some of the top conferences for real estate agents you should consider attending in the future.

Inman Connect

The Inman Connect is where many of the top real estate agents, brokers, MLS and association executives, entrepreneurs, and more gather. At Inman Connect, there are over 200 speakers, various sessions, technology showcases, and networking events. Some notable speakers who attended 2020’s event included Abby Wambach, Ryan Serhant, and Adam Contos. Next year’s event will take place February 2–5 in New York City.

One21 Experience

Century 21 is one of the leading real estate agent companies in the world, and each year they put together an extraordinary event. This year’s event will take place in Los Angeles from February 23–26 at the JW Marriott. The One21 Experience features plenty of entertainment, well-known speakers like Phil Simms and Paul De Gelder, products, and so much more over the course of the expo.

Success Summit 2020

Another one of the top conferences for real estate agents also takes place in Southern California: the Success Summit. This conference is put together by real estate coach Tom Ferry. Obtain all sorts of advice and meet some of the best agents in the real estate industry with training events, scripts, productivity hacks, lead conversion, and more.

Mega Camp

The top people in the real estate industry also attend Keller Williams’s Mega Camp. At the event, presenters share strategies, attendees participate in breakout sessions, special guests present keynote speeches, and the conference offers numerous panels and events you can reap the benefits from.

RealComm IBcon

If you are interested in learning about all the latest tech trends in the real estate industry, IBcon hosted by RealComm is one of the best conferences you can attend. IBcon offers various events leading up to the conference as well, such as golf outings, meetup events, live music, plus plenty of exhibitors, sessions, and speakers. 2020’s event will take place in Miami from June 2–5.

MIT World Real Estate Forum

MIT is one of the most prestigious schools in the world, and each year they host a huge conference for the real estate industry. The MIT World Real Estate Forum features discussions with industry leaders, educational sessions, and a look into the future of global real estate.

If you are interested in any of these conferences, don’t hesitate—start making plans now so you can experience these incredible expos.

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