Top Marketing Challenges Businesses Experience

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Top Marketing Challenges Businesses Experience

Now more than ever, companies see the need to measure return on investment for all the marketing channels that they engage in. Again, it is becoming increasingly challenging and competitive to reach out to leads and prospects thanks in new markets and keep existing ones.

While a few years ago, you’d write content and use it to generate and qualify leads, audiences are becoming resistant to conventional means of marketing. Marketing gurus such as Eyal Gutentag understand the need to change the marketing skill sets to match the changes in the marketing sphere and the needs of consumers.

Training The Marketing Team

Companies are in a rush to scale fast and go global. In this rush, marketing roles need to evolve frequently. Every few months, companies need to change their marketing strategies to match emerging technologies. In a world where everyone sees ads as a disruption to entertainment, marketing needs to be a bit more entertaining than annoying, and this means spending a larger budget.

Because companies must spend more money on advertising and teams need training after every few months, it is becoming costly to train an elite marketing team. As such, training needs to be an inbuilt culture rather than a session planned after every few months.

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Identifying Technologies and Getting the Right Budget

Online E-commerce platforms are slowly killing the traditional TV, Radio, and print advertisement channels. Companies need to identify technologies that will help them market their products. The problem is, technologies are on a constant flux – before you learn how to use an app, a better one rolls out. This is disrupting marketing budgets, and companies are starting the feel the pinch.


To beat your competitors and sell more, you not only need to embrace new technologies but also hire and train top talents in your field. You have to be on the lookout for changes that are disrupting your industry and adjust your marketing techniques frequently.