Top Places To Dispose of Old Office Equipment

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Top Places To Dispose of Old Office Equipment

A few of the top places to dispose of old office equipment are at the next business warming party, by opening the app store on your phone, and at your local resale store.

Resale Apps

When you download a resale app, you allow yourself to set your prices while reaching people who search for what you have for sale. In addition, this will enable you to showcase your supplies and set shipping preferences.


If you own a medical business and have never learned how to remove your used medical equipment safely, you should consider donating them to places like a medical office. Donation is significant because you give the equipment away to those who need it and can continue without any hassle or worry.

Partner Company

By asking a partner company if they want your office materials, you allow them to expand their business. In addition, giving the sibling company equipment can change the quality of their business. Gifting a partner is a bonified way to keep great business partnerships while knowing your machines will be in good hands.

Pawn Shops

Depending on the area you’re in, you can take your old office equipment to a pawn shop! Understand that what they offer you isn’t compared to what you paid; it’s the name of the game. A pawn shop may sound unorthodox, but what better way to put some equipment back into the community you’re serving for a low price?


If you’re leaving the office for good, you can hold an in-office raffle to give away your old equipment. Raffles are a great way to give back to your employees and leave the office empty-handed! You can even create incentives around the office beforehand that will gain you more raffle tickets.

Business Warming Parties

The top place to dispose of old office equipment is a business warming party. If a friend or company you know is starting a business, you could gift them your old office equipment at their warming party. They will now have a tool to start their business, putting them ahead of the game.

Think outside the box and get creative with the ways to dispose of your equipment. People will appreciate getting some equipment when it is in need.