Top Ventures for Entrepreneurs and Investors in Telluride

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Top Ventures for Entrepreneurs and Investors in Telluride

Are you looking for a profitable investment opportunity in Southwest Colorado? The pristine mountain town of Telluride, an international ski destination famed for its exotic landscapes, deserves some serious exploration. Set amidst the mighty Rocky Mountains, Telluride is a fast-emerging business hub that allures entrepreneurs and investors alike. Here are three local industries with great potential for both startups and venture capitalists.

Hospitality and Real Estate

Renowned as the country’s top ski destination, Telluride is a haven of opportunities in the hospitality sector. Aside from a steady descent of vacationers the year round, the picturesque town hosts numerous art and culture events, including two annual film festivals, yoga festival, Jazz festival, the famous Bluegrass festival and numerous music and food events. This level of year-round activity means local accommodation is often in short supply.

If you’re an investor interested in developing bespoke accommodation for discerning travelers, Telluride and the surrounding areas offer plentiful options to develop new properties or take over existing ones that aren’t doing so well. Take, for example, the Peaks ski resort, revitalized to its former glory by the well-known venture accelerator and startup mentor Todd Herrick who also owns the famous Gunnison River Farms, a recreational organic farm perched amidst scenic mountain views in Southwest Colorado. Overhauled by its new owners, the luxury resort is now recognized as the go-to ski and snowboarding destination in the region.

Food and Dining

The local community in Telluride and Mountain Village take pride in locally grown food. From fruits and vegetables to poultry and freshwater fish, the sustainable growing practices provide abundant healthful foods for the locals as well as the thousands of traveler who visit the area every year. If you’re a food entrepreneur passionate about reinventing traditional cuisines to suit the modern palette or a venture capitalist simply interested in investing in a local food business, the region offers abundant choices.

Some worthy business investment options include event catering, café, bakery, specialty restaurant, bar, and food delivery. If you’re running short of ideas, the inspiring and courageous entrepreneurial journey of Todd Herrick Telluride is sure to motivate the astute business person in you.

Wedding and Event Management

Telluride has been the perfect backdrop for an impressive lineup of some of the most successful festivals in the country. Nearly every weekend sees this charming town host a new cultural or social event, beginning with the MountainFilm Festival in May each year. In addition, the breathtaking mountain vistas and the tranquil natural landscape make Telluride and Mountain Village an idyllic setting for bespoke destination weddings.

For an entrepreneur-investor looking to capitalize on the thriving fest scene in the area, wedding and event planning is a scoring option that’s bound to bring handsome returns. Aside from these, you can take a local spa, adventure company, salon or boutique under your wings and nurture it into a profitable new-age business.

Telluride is currently fertile ground for investors and entrepreneurs looking to explore new horizons in travel, hospitality, adventure sports, real estate and customized experiences for luxury travelers.