5 Ways People Waste Money Without Noticing It

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ways people waste money without noticing

We all hate waste in business, and know that waste reduces our profitability. However, in our personal lives, we are all guilty of being too generous with resources, and not making the most out of what we have.

From food waste to fuel and heating, we could make some small changes in our lives that will eliminate waste and get our money go further.

Heating and Electricity

If you don’t have a thermostat or a smart home device, chances are you have the heating on longer than necessary. You might be heating the empty house, just because you didn’t plan ahead. Likewise, we all like a spotlight by the laptop to protect our eyes. However, having traditional bulbs in the light can waste energy. Get a solar powered lamp and place it in the window when not in use, and you can reduce your electricity costs and carbon footprint at the same time.

Food Waste

Most people regularly walk up to the refrigerator just to discover that half of the contents are out of date. This waste is easy to fix. You have to go out to the shops with a list, and arrange food in the refrigerator by date. If the date label is not clearly visible, you can use your own stickers. If you make a roast joint on the weekend, plan a stew or curry on Monday or Tuesday. If you have unused ham and cheese that is running out of date, you can use them as toppings for your next pizza.

Fuel Costs

Driving around town just to stay warm, instead of parking down outside of the city and taking a train is not good for the environment or your budget. You might want to sign up for a ride sharing platform at https://www.rydely.com/ and simply leave the car at home. You will be surprised how much easier it is to jump in somebody else’s car and save money on fuel.


You might have a premium service subscription at home that you are not using, but you simply don’t seem to find the time to cancel it. If you have Netflix or Amazon Prime and you simply don’t find the time to watch anything, you can temporarily suspend the service. There is no point paying for something you cannot benefit from. Likewise, if your bank account has a life insurance attached, you might want to check the terms and conditions and cancel your other policies.

Convenience Food and Drinks

If you pick up your favorite blend of coffee from the corner shop every morning, chances are you are $10-15 worse off than making your own and taking it with you in a travel mug. At the same time, you are polluting the environment, as most of the coffee shop takeaway cups are non-recyclable. Instead of buying your sandwiches, you could make them at home, saving up to $20 a week.

Whether it is heating or food you waste, you can put an end to bad habits today. Small adjustments can go a long way and leave you with more money in your pocket.